Fast and Tactical vs Slow and Realistic (Base Building)

It’s still quite tedious though—to go through and salvage all of them into wood, that is—and eventually it seems like you’d just get to a point where wood is more useless the more end-game you get.

At least with upgrade systems like Rust’s you’ll always need wood continuously in order to maintain your base, but that comes with the downside of more resource grinding.

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End-game should be a really really long grind and exploration in order be reached.

I was gonna mention that, it’s a good idea to keep lower tier items still useful, but I don’t wanna copy Rust too much tho

Only really nerfs the metal bases, cause the wood base components are made out of logs, and even if you’ve only got 4" thick of wood, that’s still pretty thick for a bullet. Best combo is as such: Upgrading outer walls to be thicker, or plating metal on either or both sides of wood walls. The metal was too thick anyways.

Tbh I’d really be fine with end-game building materials being a mixture of stone (for structures) and metal (for barricades), like it was in 2.0.


I see you got that mega promotion xD

Now that the dust has settled down, I’ll gladly share my opinions.

Some of you may remember that I made my own post about building, which answers pretty well to most of the concerns of the people commenting here by itself, including this:

Personally, I’m one of these people who thinks that freeforms should be nerfed or utterly gone

Now, if you guys have read my post, there’s 2 things I barely talk about: building materials/tiers and upgrading. Why so? Because everyone seems worried about how materials will affect base resistance against raids and how tiers and upgrading will work and be organized, as there isn’t any clue of how could Nelson sort this out much better compared to 3.x. Either way, here’s what I see as very plausible and really good alternatives:

Now here, what I don’t agree with:

For me, this seems more like a workaround for 3.x’s tedious building system. In UII, this would be unrealistic, and kinda OP.

I agree with proper crafting and building time, but making it like that makes it feel like all stuff self-constructs, and it isn’t realistic.

And btw…




It’s still a game tho, there has to be a bit of fiction in order to not make the game annoying, because I don’t think anyone wants to wait about 30 seconds watching a wall upgrade, but instead, we could be working for other while the upgrade is done. That is how I see it, and why I mentioned the previous methods as middle grounds

I’d prefer to make it manually buildable, but pausable as well. Maybe like building stuff as Engineer in TF2 (with another animation rather than bashing your materials with a wrench… Or maybe not ,lol), so there isn’t tedious waiting and if you have to stop for any reason, progress isn’t lost. Also, like anything requiring dexterity, building and crafting speed could be improved via skill imo.

TF2 is a fast paced shooter you only wait a few seconds. It would be better if they took awhile (say, a minute or 2),

Yeah, I know about that about TF2, but that’s not the point. And well, I’d say between 30 secs up to 1 min, for it to not be annoying; if you’ve played Minecraft, you’d know what I’m talking about, since hitting a regular stone block without pickaxe takes about 15 seconds before it breaks, but it feels like hell of an eternity (even worse if trying to mine obsidian w/ iron pick, which is around 1 minute).

Exactly. And that length is only because we’re using the wrong tools in MC.
That is why I don’t want people to wait. Instead, they could stare at the wall till it finishes, or they could maximize their efficiency and do something else. It’s all about choice. However being forced to look at a wall isn’t as fun

Let’s be fair then, and say about a 5-30 secs period, depending on buildable size and player skill (very small buildables can be instantly placed, e.g. notes, small lamps, plaques, etc.); I put these examples before as, realistically talking, self-constructing buildables is nearly the same as OP and ilogic as instant crafting and placing.

I’d prefer to hit my materials with my hammer during 8 seconds (being able to interrupt progress and continue whenever I want) to build my dining table rather than just placing these on the floor, choosing my blueprints and make it assemble itself.

Now… If Nelson considers adding friendly NPC partners (preferably on singleplayer), you could order him/her to build what you want wherever you want without taking care about time.

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I like this part tbh

I was thinking of 15 seconds to a full 2 minutes (worst to best building material) if we were to let the wall upgrade itself.
But, I guess 30 seconds of banging a hammer and being able to PAUSE the upgrade at will is a good idea as well.

I personally, don’t mind a nerf to freeform, but don’t remove it altogether, as I like to use freeform objects for mostly aesthetic reasons.

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