Fast and Tactical vs Slow and Realistic (Base Building)

Slow & Reaistic

We all know that in 3.x, if we had a wooden birch base and wanted to upgrade to pine/maple, we had to salvage every single floor and wall, craft the exact amount of walls and floors, and replace each birch floor/wall with it’s respective pine floor/wall, which take time to install. And then when you had enough scrap metal, you had to salvage all the wooden walls and floors which leave you extremely vulnerable and replace them with metal walls and floors.

Now, this has its downsides, but at the same time, it doesn’t allow spammy Fortnite building and instant upgrades. Adding extreme realism and hardcore gameplay

Fast & Tactical

However, we all know that Rust has a mechanic that allows you to upgrade already-built base structures. This gives the players an ease of use with simplicity and speed. Not forcing players to go through tidious tasks in order to replace their weal structures with newer and tougher ones. All you have to do is to just gather enough resources and the ability to upgrade will be unlocked.

But, this mechanic is more PvP focused and unrealistic since it allows players to go through a very difficult task with just a few clicks.

Now, I do have my own middle ground to this decision, but this is merely an opinion…

Solution 1

The way I would go between both grounds is by having the player simply craft the upgraded structure, then simply place it on top of the corresponding structure (which takes aeound 1.5 seconds to install) and it will be automatically replaced

Solution 2

We could also go for the Rust-ish method… which is done by simply collecting the required items for the upgrade, but when we actually upgrade the wall, it would have a specific timer (just like how crafting in Rust needs a timer). You can move away to go hunting while the timer runs out, and when it does, the wall upgrades whether you’re near it or not

Now that you’ve seen everything the way i see them (hopefully)…

Which do you prefer:

  • Slow and Realistic
  • Fast and Tactical
  • Solution 1
  • Solution 2

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Food for thought for voters:

Given Unturned’s supposed shift to a more Rust-like “building plan” for structures and the like, I wouldn’t be surprised if building was done through upgrading preexisting structures—with isn’t entirely bad even if people like building being slow—because currently:

  • Wooden structures are pretty unused (except for pine).
  • Brick is pretty much junk.
  • Salvaging a large base takes a while.
  • Congratulations on all these wood walls you get to either store or throw away because you upgraded to metal!

I like how it is, but it’s irritating sometimes because you also need to move every freeform buildable touching it, but I think solution 1 would be nice to have in addition to the “slow and realistic” method, as long as it doesn’t give you the part you replaced, requiring you to do it the slow way if you wanted to salvage the old base part. This should apply to free-form buildables as well as storage items.

I like solution 2 but don’t wanna get hate from people T-T

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I promise that only three people will silently judge you.

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Alright then xd

I’d look to put forward my 2 cents, solution 3 if i may:

If you’ve built a wooden base with pine walls and roofs and stuff, what if you could “fortify” the walls? Like there would be an option to continue upgrading the walls to a certain level with planks of the same wood.

Let’s assume that a metal wall has 1500 hitpoints.
A pine wall has 900 hitpoints.
Upgrading the pine wall once with say, some planks and nails+hammer will give it a different, more barricaded look and increase hitpoints to 1000
Doing this again will increase it to 1100
And once more,finally to 1200.

p.s- the higher the level you’re upgrading to the more resources you’ll be needing.

This makes the walls stronger than the base walls while also not outshadowing the metal walls.
Think this’d be a great idea for 4.x
whatchu think?

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That’s basically solution 2 xd

Had another thought… walls would be different depending on how you built them. Most rifle rounds can shoot through sheet metal (I doubt your wall will be made of AR500 steel plates), and wood has thickness to it, so maybe make it so that you can have different kind of walls…
Plain wood - it’s wood, nuff said.
normal sheet metal - thin, clangy, and light
brick - thick, brittle, and dense.
…but what if instead of just replacing them, you could also add a different material to the outside like @Mr.Rawr suggested?

IMHO, it should be “Brick/Stone > Hardwood > Sheet Metal” as far as bullet penetration resistance goes, but still “Sheet Metal > Brick/Stone > Hardwood” as far as structural integrity goes (maybe swapping hardwood and brick/stone for structural integrity)
The best combination with such a system would possibly be having sheet metal over hardwood or vice versa.

Feel free to disagree.

This is the difficulty we want to give the players that want to build a large base. They have to keep it maintained. It’s a big responsibility.

On a different note, I would like to see what you would vote for, Molt. Given all the statistics and the facts

prolonged tactical firefights have more arma/dayz taste over h1z1 or other generic game

the tactical gameplay means that there little room to mistake and you cannot run like wild and bunnyhop the bullets

run-and-gun gameplay is what 3.0 have since little kids cannot proceed with anything harder than dakka dakka

also the early 3.0 had a lot more tactical gunplay that does not compatible to survival, thank to 400m instakill snipers, but anyway today 3.0 ballistics is just retarded

And leviathan how does this fit with buildings? ( Kylie you should add “bases” into the title )


Done! :slight_smile:

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The only issue i have with salvaging everything and replacing it is that if there are any freeform objects placed, you have to remove them all before replacing. This takes away from being “slow and realistic” and turns it into being just annoying. I personally think that plain metal bases should not be in Unturned II, but rather upgraded wood buildings. It’s been said a million times but I think that a system in which wood is the main foundation of most all bases would be a lot better than what we currently have. For instance, upgrading wood with sheet metal, brick, etc. would be a much better system because it would A) give a purpose for bricks, B) give bases a more appropriate “makeshift” look, and C) be more realistic because the salvage system at the moment is not the best. Also i want to really stress that 5 metal sheets to create a thicc solid block of metal is not very realistic which is why i think it should be removed from the game.


While I would like to have fast building like in a certain popular game, I do think that would make base raiding unfun and much more difficult to attackers.

I think free-form will be mostly removed xd, it’s just way too op for raiding and such.

I think that you forget that storage crates and such are free-form as well.

“Freeform” typically refers to barricades that can be rotated the full 360 degrees on all three axes. Sometimes it’ll also refer to the barricade equivalents of structures, such as doorframes and garageframes. (So, basically, anything added in the Freeform Barricades update).

I’m not sure which way I’d take it, but I really don’t want to go from wood to metal and then be left with 15 wardrobes of wood walls.

Part of it kinda depends on whether or not certain materials are pure upgrades, such as “wood to brick to metal” in Unturned 3, too. Some people want Nelson to make the metal structures thinner, with bullet penetration through them quite easy. Imho that kinda unnecessarily nerfs bases, but :man_shrugging:.

I mean, that can easily be dealt with by adding the ability to salvage them into wood (but only 75% of the amount) and we can use that wood to keep our fires lit