Favorite Workshop Maps

My personal favorites are Canada + and The Driftless, so what are the community’s? @SDGNelson I would love for Nelson to answer this question but he doesn’t have too.

I’m a big fan of the Overgrown maps. The level of detail is great, even if it’s slightly broken and unfinished.

That moon map is such an interesting concept.

The creator(s) deserve a pat on the back for making a rather original map with its own concept.

Canada reborn, overgrown 3+ and the moon are my favorite

Honestly, my favorite map is Deadwalk isle. It’s modded, yes, but the level of detail in the map looks amazing.

I enjoyed quite a long time to play on Isle of Wolves and Canada +.

One of the fun testing maps I use is ‘The Border’.

Canada + in my opinion is probably a prime example of an ideal workshop map.

That said, The Driftless is my all around second favorite.

Overgrown takes the cake for detail, while The Moon was super creative.

I also like the Rust map because, well, I used to play Rust.

deepwood and florida

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