Favourite Games (with justification)

I’ll begin, of course.

FPS - Pixel Wars of Hero; a shitty browser game but quite frankly the most fun FPS game and one of the most fun games in general. I’d like to say CoD MW 2019 or MW2 or something but really no other FPS game compares to the fun I have with Pixel Wars of Hero

Driving - Asphalt 9 Legends; a mobile game that you can play on PC and Switch too, has tight controls, good graphics, runs well, has great music and a good selection of cars.

Open World - Unturned; a pretty obvious game to put here because this is the SDG Forum. Regardless, it is one of the most fun open world games to play.

Survival - Minecraft; a game I don’t own and played at friend’s houses, it provided me a great supply of fun in my youth.

Horror - Metro Last Light Redux; a game I got off an Epic Games’ free week and have enjoyed quite a lot, good storyline and stuff, good game in general.

Battle Royale - Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

FPS: CoD 4
Racing: NSFW Carbon
Open World: Divison (2)
Survival: Terraria
Horror: GTFO (technically horror I guess)
BR: Warzone


FPS: Rainbow Six Siege
Racing: Maximum Tune 5
Open World: Grand Theft Auto V
Survival: Unturned
Fighting: AoCF Hisoutensoku
Simulator: War Thunder


FPS: Sea of Thieves
Open World: MGS V (for the gameplay) / RDR2 (For the story)
Survival: Minecraft
Horror: P.T
Roguelike: Enter the Gungeon
General Action: Monster Hunter: Rise


FPS: Half Life 2: its the goodest one because big cool music whoosh
Open World: RDR2: good details
Survival: Unturned
Horror: Alien Isolation: Scariest horror game I’ve ever played
Action: Just Cause 2 or 3: Either of these is equally amusing
VR: Half Life Alyx: Half life 2 but more horrorey


FPS: Overwatch I guess, don’t play it that often anymore.
Driving: Forza Horizon 4
Open World: ARK: Survival Evolved, but also don’t play it that often anymore.
Survival: Still ARK: Survival Evolved
Horror: Phasmophobia VR
Battle Royale: Apex Legends

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FPS: unturned
open world: starbound
survival: starbound i guess
BR: fortnite

yo does anyone know why my save stopped appearing in the menu in starbound?
i installed a bunch of mods for a server and it just disappeared

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FPS: Unturned
Racing: Unturned
Open World: Unturned
Survival: Unturned
Horror: Unturned
BR: Unturned


ok now serious
FPS: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (ofc), DOOM (2016), Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam
Racing: Need For Speed The Run, Gran Turizmo 4 (i played psp version), NFS MW.
Open World: Horizon Zero Dawn, GTA 4, Dying Light
Survival: Unturned, DayZ, Rust
RTS: Command and Conquer series (I played C&C Tiberian Sun, Tiberian Wars, Red Alert 2-3 and also classics like RA 1 and Tib Dawn and the Remaster)
Turn-based tactics games: Heroes of Might and Magic 1-3, Wargroove

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@pest I think you like starbound right? do you play frackin universe

yeah it’s pretty good, almost gives you the feeling that the game is finished

you want to play with me and join my world?
gotta pick a new character though or at least one that’s in a similar stage of the game I am in
you can’t bring this on your ship

i know this dude did not call r6 the best FPS lmaooo

It’s not, just the best FPS I play used to play semi-regularly

Driving: Dirt Rally
Open World: GTA 5
Survival: Minecraft
Horror: I’m a pussyyyy
Battle Royale: Played lots, stuck to Fortnite the most.
VR: Half-Life: Alyx, literally no better game rn.

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