Feedback on more Unturned Plushies

EDIT: We have created a poll in the Unturned Official Discord server! The options available in this poll are a selection of the some of your most popular suggestions.

As we plan to work with Makeship again, this poll will influence the collaborative process as we work together to release another plushie design. Join the server in order to partake in the poll!

In 2021, we partnered with Makeship to release the first-ever official Unturned merch in the form of a limited-edition plushie.

(This guy → chef)

Now that some time has passed since that campaign, Nelson and I have been wanting to ask the community for your opinions on future merch. For example, other plushie designs.

Have you been secretly holding out for a different zombie design, such as the Farmer, RCMP, or Construction Worker zombies? Has there been an NPC you wanted a plush of?

If we were to release more plushies, what would you like to see?
Alternative feedback posts: Twitter, Reddit.


Biohazard Zombie!


Biohazard zombie is a necessity.


I need a Captain Sydney body pillow

  • Captain cyndey (NPC)
  • Player
  • Zombies
  • Items

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Has to be a body pillow tho


@Pesticide If I buy one, it’s going to get shot at during Nugget Fest.

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I like the idea of a mega zombie

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Mega Zombie for mega sized plushie! :smiley:


I must buy two again please do take my monies

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A lot of us missed out on getting the limited-edition plushie, which was pretty badass. Perhaps in addition to adding a new plushie, you could also let us purchase last year’s model. It could be styled slightly differently in order to honor the limited-edition status of the previous one.


Captain Sydney body pillow. I need something to use as target practice.


you were going to use it for target practice?

i was gonna make it stand up on its own


I would unironically pay for a Maplestrike/Eaglefire upper


I don’t know if a plush maple strike is a good idea

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Nah fuck plushies, an actual licensed copy replica


What if it was a small military unturned guy holding a maplestrike In like a combat pose

Could get like youtooz or someone to make it

I would love to fall asleep at night listening to sound of gunshots whenever I hug it


Cool Unturned merch ideas I have. I know makeship does plushies but I got other ideas too.

If yall partnered with some airsoft company and sold maplestrikes, I’d totally buy that lmao. thats real far fetched tho.

hmm… in terms of items, a blowtorch with an LED light you can turn on that flickers like a flame? But blowtorch’s aren’t the most memorable or iconic item in the game…

You could partner with someone to make Unturned map posters. You could even stylize them yourself in some way, and then sell them with or without a frame (fancy curves, blood stains, raggedy, notes on the edge of the map paper, so on).
Hell, you could hold another screenshot contest and then sell the coolest photos as posters and give the creator a lil portion of it after the sales are done. I’d unironically buy a poster of the iconic devtest map loading screen image, I’d think its neat.

You could release a “pack” of plush items with a theme. Say, you made a Schofield, Civilian Ammo, Schofield Clip, and canned beans package.

Or sell a sledgehammer plush, because it’d be fun to bonk the chef zombie.

a super kickass but maybe far fetched idea is selling a “decked” weapon as a plushie (I guess hoping for life sized would be too much ;w;), with detachable parts. Say you have a Zubeknov plushie, but it has a plastic inside so you can connect the mag, a suppressor, a “scope”, so on.

really trying to be creative here, not so much being practical.

or you could release another generic zombie outfit. :frowning:

speaking of lights, you could make a working flashlight plushie. but nobody would realize its supposed to be unturned.

making a campfire sounds a bit too complicated but if you could execute it good, then I’m sure it would be cool.

please dont create a police or RCMP plushie. kthx.

nelson could change his name to ted and sell chewing gum.

a thief “pack” including thief with balaclava, thief clothes, and a stealy wheellyyyyyyyyyyyyy


You know with all the stuff rain listed above wouldn’t it be cooler if Unturned paired with Lego?

You could build the liberator or the floating islands from Elver