Feedbacks,feedbacks everywere

i’ll give a list of ideas!
1)rotating tanks.
all word of tanks players know by holding the button A or D the tank will rotate on him self in different directions,i’ll be cool to add this fonctionality to unturned tanks.
2)tank tracks.
adding tank tracks to unturned like wheels for vehicles but this time for bulldozer and tanks will be cool(also destroyed tank tracks can be mended with a reparation kit (you will receive a new tank track)or a blowtorch+metal sheet or metal scrap+crafting 3 (you will receive a mended tanktrack at 60% or 50%by example)
3)makeshift wheel
by having crafting 2 or 3 we will be able to make a wooden wheel or metal wheel(the makeshift will will make your vehicle slower and will take wear with the distance.

Rotating tanks: 10/10

Tank tracks: too much work for too little addition

Makeshift wheels: sure. I’d like that.