Festive Update

This is feedback to the previous Christmas tree in all the maps. I hope you will Respect my feedback. This is my perspective from vanilla servers ive played on in the previous month.

It was a nice idea and i like the thought of it. But it had a negative effect on all servers. All the other parts like the festives on the liberator, the snowballs and all of that i loved and would like to see another time.

Every server (even Vanilla) was Filled with Maplestrikes with adaptive chambering, Dragonfangs and detonators. The tree was broken. People camped the Trees every minute in the hour and it removed the Fun/Challenging part from the game. From my perspective did it only make the big teams stronger and the smaller teams and solo players got absolutly Denyed entering the highloot areas there the tree was kept by some guy camping in a skybase with a Matamorez.

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Yeah, it was the same thing last year.

Well heres the thing, it’s a yearly event, while yes, it may make sense to adjust the spawn rates slightly, thats what makes it fun.
Its not a constant area with high end loot, only shows up for a couple of weeks and then its gone


But it should be an option for server owners to turn it on or off and if its a problem every year maybe nerf it or remove it?

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