File size is too large

My Foliage file is 700 megabytes, although the Foliage size is small, is that normal? Or is there a way to fix this
something went wrong, now the size of the Foliage has changed, and when I put a new Foliage, the size is the same
While waiting for an answer, I found the answer to my question partially, now Foliage puts grass and trees where necessary and the size is small. But the old Foliage remained, which weighs 700mb.
If anyone needs an answer, then in order to return everything to its original position, but set new boundaries for the Foliage, then you need to set the Additive mode. but I don’t know how to remove the old Foliage, I’m waiting for an answer.


I solved my problem and decided to share with you, I just took and copied all the files except Foliage from the old map, while creating a new one and first creating Foliage on it, transferred all the files from the old map to the new one, thereby getting all the foliage intact and small map size. (metal type materials may disappear) I hope I helped you :smiling_face_with_tear: :sparkling_heart:


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