Filling inhand containers

the golden standart for games to fill your inventory is by looking at an item and pressing pick up key, that way you fill all your available space. but what if you want to fill a nonequiped bag that just happened to be with you? you put it in hands like any consumable/useful item and by looking at an item you want to put inside and pressing LMB you transfer the item inside the container that you are holding.
also you can take the highlighted item in other hand by LMB and then either LMB to put inside or RMB to put it away.
the container can be any backpack, trashbags, hand grocery baskets and so on.

Realism for the sake of realism. This is just tedious.

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If your talking about a trashbag being a backpack, then sir, conduct research and you’ll find out that people die because of suffocation. thats if, wind is a feature in ll, which is, very likely.

so you are okey vacuum cleaning the place by switching backpacks and spamming E when you could take a folded backpack and without changing start doing the same on the fly but with mouse button(LMB or LMB/RMB option)?

wtf do yOU MEAN!1!

no, were not vacuum cleaning the floor. Because we can press G (or whatever the hotkey is for inventory) and have access to the floor loot, which we can pick the loot we want to have in our inventory, rather than sitting there and fishing out the loot you want.

I have no idea what the fuck you just typed.

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This is where we draw the lines

the lines are drawn every time we talk/type

The idea is good imo, but how it works could maby be changed

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