Finally! UII

Just wanted to share that i finally got access! Is there anyone from the community up for some games?


You spelled finally wrong lol

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I’m proud of you
:clap: :clap: :clap:


Sorry, It went a bit quick

I saw you the other day on a server and you ignored me. I am shaking right now. Also there is a semi-official competition soon if you want to join. Its recommended you have a mic since the voice chat is quite fun.

i have had UII since the weapon demo came out (one of the first to recieve it) but never even played it once

Why is there a brick on your face

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To receive the weapon demo or the demo itself ? The car one is older than that one.

ITS a VR headset:

Im so sorry. Come on the server again and say hi :slight_smile:
Where can i read about this competition? and yes i got a mic.

Search around a little on Holdbakers forum account.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Damn! This sure adds a lot to discussion!

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No, it’s a brick not a VR Headset.

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