Find the official Unturned Wiki on!

TL;DR: We’ve moved the official Unturned Wiki to! Tell us what you think below, and consider getting the Redirect browser extension!

Hey, players! A few years ago, we moved our official wiki to our own website in order to provide a better experience to both readers and volunteer editors. It’s important to us that we are always looking to provide a better, higher-quality, and more comprehensive game wiki for Unturned. We’re going on nearly 10 years worth of updates now (wow!), with even more to come.

With this in mind, we’ve partnered with the people at – a platform built by experienced developers and editors to create the best experience for gamers looking for information – to host the official Unturned Wiki.

Main Page – "Light" theme

You can now find the official Unturned Wiki at!

What does this mean?

For more information about what’s the same, what’s different, and how to contribute – see the full blogpost.

We go into a bit more detail about new features for readers and editors (including support for dark and light themes), how to have the best experience on by creating an account, and some resources for getting started as a new editor.

We’re super excited about this migration, and we hope you’ll join us on the new wiki.


Too epic, let’s hope this turns out better than the bunker wiki

nothing can ever top the bunker wiki comments.



Well. This wiki is simple. I think this is one of the best aspects of it. I don’t have to spend my time learning how to use it. It general, I like it :+1:


I see that you’ve already made a contribution to the wiki as well – looks good! I’m glad you find the wiki intuitive to use/edit – there’s some aspects I’d like to write Help articles on in the future (categories, templates, Cargo, CSS).

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Thanks. I have some free time, so I will add more information to new wiki to help the community!

I am also ready to help with translations there. If you are searching for Russian translator I am ready to help

I’m happy to see a bunch of players already editing/visiting the new wiki. :slight_smile: Following our release on Thursday, some highlights include:

  • Better coverage of quests on Russia. (Thanks, User:ChipMashpin)
  • Redesigned part of Animals page and new animal icons. (Thanks, User:Spebby)
  • Better coverage of community-made cosmetics. (Thanks, User:TSB)
  • Pages for more curated content in general.

But there’s been other contributions (new pages, redirects, minor fixes) too! And some styling issues for both light and dark themes have been fixed (e.g., page revision comparisons).


Thanks for the information!

I agree, @Ridingsstarr