Find who owns a bed in unturned

I try to go into the barricades folder in my servers “Level/Washington” and i can see text on notes and signs and stuff but how can i open this .dat file to text and not have all the “null” or just see who owns a bed

Use Notepad++.

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Yeah thats what im using and this is what i get:
]g[ z„ f§' ±¤H p a4eijk¯B¬öjÄ G f§' ±¤H p"Ôf[É„ f§' ±¤H p æAfÄYl°B—ÕjÄ f§' ±¤H p"Ôf[z„ f§' ±¤H p ®äcık¯B¿ühÄ t f§' ±¤H p"Ôf[{ €›dÄÁ’±B›JićG f§' ±¤H p"Ôf[ pú ûx9 y+û p ;‹nÄÉ‘B:yTć
ûx9 y+û p"Ôf[ , ûx9 y+û p ŽoÄkBÊbUć ûx9 y+û p"Ôf[ 4„ 1‘Ô À§¦ p lÄgšEB°´Ã R 1‘Ô À§¦ p"Ôf[m, V]fÄ6OBZ#dž †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, ­)fÄ7OBèaÇ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m ­*fÄ5OB'ÚÇY †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, •úeÄ6OB Ç- †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, î)fÄ6OB]Ç †oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè —"fÄލ!BóÊ.Z†oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, "úeÄ5OB.~ LJ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, [fÄ5OBaŸ LJ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, afÄ4OB7J
Dz †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, a-fÄ5OBÙ‚ ÇŸ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè ˆfÄÚS!B´“ Ã’,Z†oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè ófÄ’Ã(BûrÃ’TZ†oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè ‚fÄÈ(Bú: Ã’° †oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè fÄ@Z/BdèÉRZ†oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè WüeÄD6BP÷Ñ+Z†oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè T fľØ3B÷…çZ†oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè žfÄçb4Bzi Ãr †oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè d-fÄûú-BéAÃxZ†oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè b6fÄ¡/B(C ðZ†oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè ŸÓeĵ;B† à I †oWe ¤ù p-üf[Fè ;ÏeÄÁ%<BSkâZ†oWe ¤ù p-üf[ 4„ 1‘Ô À§¦ p m@lÄhšEB#úô 1‘Ô À§¦ p"Ôf[z„ ôy¿ åþn÷ † tnÄb¤BøW°Á L ôy¿ åþn÷ †"Ôf[m, ÖòdÄ|¾eBI‰î‡7 †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, î¹dÄ’¹eB¾¨î‡ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, oÕdÄ!|eBÝ’ð‡ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, Ú‰dÄ‚eB#Ðñ‡" †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, eÄ‚eBÆ ò‡ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, ’ dÄ‚eBˆtñ‡- †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, &dÄ˸eB¹­î‡‰ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, ïcÄ4ÁeBäwî‡y †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, YÂcÄ‚eBKñ‡{ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, Q“cÄ‚eB{pñ‡‰ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, cĽeBW’î‡. †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, µ:cÄ‚eBÁpñ‡ˆ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, 7cÄ"ÎeB#%î‡/ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, íýbÄßÖeB8íí‡ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m,
‚eBǐñ‡@ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, ]›bÄ‚eBrdò‡- †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, h“bÄí·eBB³î‡‰ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, =_bÄLæeB|Ší‡ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, a3bÄ4§eBJ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, ðgbÄ‚eBHnð‡ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, ÀbÄ‚eB8ò‡" †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, \£aÄ‚eBódò‡‡ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, :ŸaÄ™eBžï‡/ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, ¹jaÄ:µeB’çí‡ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, raÄ‚eB—ô‡ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, ÌkaÄ‚eBçañ‡ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, uÉÄ‚eB••ò‡ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, ð´ÄéeBœu †oWe ¤ù p-üf[m, uÄ‘eBªiï‡e †oWe ¤ù p-üf[ /¯ ƒëkÄkÃiB\¶BD 1Z¥_ Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ kÄkhBM¦BD1 Ö Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ >lÄl1nB™¾BDŽ2ZÖ Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ »lÄã$mB5ºBDŽ1ZÖ Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ öàkÄã$mB£µBDŽ2ZÖ Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ ÇkÄã$mB}±BDŽ2ZÖ Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ ‘£kÄÂSmB*«BDŽ1ZÖ Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ )ClÄvrBEÄBD¬‹ Ö Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ 'ÕkāhrBß±BD¬2 Ö Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ a-lÄqjBDÁCD ’ Ö Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ ÏŠlÄ« jB:ÓCD ¬ Ö Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ !ãlÄÛšjB™­CD ™ Ö Cɇ p"Ôf[%2 Ö yùlĨçkB±‰CD‡› Ö Cɇ p"Ôf[/¯ 4viÄ^vgBòíAD²…Z{r s?ü p"Ôf[/¯ <viÄíeBBíADƒZ{r s?ü p"Ôf[/¯ ŽwiÄ™fdB˜BD…Z{r s?ü p"Ôf[/¯ ’viÄÞbB†úADa…Z{r s?ü p"Ôf[/¯ ðsiÄf”iB6æAD„Z{r s?ü p"Ôf[/¯ ¼siÄ!kB­äAD ƒZ{r s?ü p"Ôf[ C) “FÄøÜQB\Œ0ć “4e "Ôf[CÎ gÐEÄcPBJ=1ć- “4e "Ôf[C8 >rFÄg
RB\Ü1ćZ “4e "Ôf[{ ¡KÄ"BÔ-ć0 ©3C Îg[/¯ _KÄÌ6B¨„-ÄZ©3C Îg[{ ¡KÄcUBÔ-ćŠ ©3C Îg[/¯ l™KĶGB¢‚-ÄZ©3C Îg[/¯ öÇKÄ.>jB]›-Ä®–Z©3C Îg[{ ¡KÄewBÔ-ćŠ ©3C Îg[/¯ ÈiKÄœ
˜Bθ-Äa0Z©3C Îg[/¯ ãÔKÄ(°‡BŠÄ-IJ‹ ©3C Îg[/¯ Q‹KÄDBn|-Ä Z©3C Îg[/¯ !KÄ£žŸBº~-ÄZ©3C Îg[/¯ 9™KÄÈo¨B½}-ÄZ©3C Îg[{ ¡KÄ3·BÔ-ć0 ©3C Îg[/‡ ‹½Kĸ»°BD‡-IJ¤Z©3C Îg[m, ©ÙFÄišHBæê0ć[ ìÜ- ¤ù p-üf[mð ªÛFÄišHB$…1ćY ìÜ- ¤ù p-üf[ Dú Ý%SĸFªB¿cC£E ð Îg[Dú ^ßRÄ5k«BãaC³E ð Îg[Dú ‰ŠRÄŽU«B!cC ð Îg[Dú ^“RÄ ’«Bú—C³D ð Îg[Fè sÔQÄ'mB*[lCZð Îg[ ÄÑ2 HFù Žm p ,d. - ddddd _ÄÔ±B„ã¸C‡ HFù Žm p"Ôf[Ê °au‚_ÄIê¬Bg.»C‡ HFù Žm p"Ôf[à¢-Ÿ_ÄÝ?®B†…¹C‡ˆ HFù Žm p"Ôf[z9 HFù Ë‹Ø p _ÄЭBê±»C HFù Ë‹Ø p"Ôf[K´ …_ÄJj¬BÒF¼C‡‰ Ϫõ Ë‹Ø p"Ôf[K, Ï~ÄJj¬Bc,½C‡‰ Ϫõ Ë‹Ø p"Ôf[L Ϫõ Ë‹Ø p 5ž]ÄЭB1~¸C \ Ϫõ Ë‹Ø p"Ôf[K: ‘x_ÄJj¬B)¾C‡‰ Ϫõ Ë‹Ø p"Ôf[Ëú A [Ķã¬BßO«C‡P Ϫõ Ë‹Ø p"Ôf[S úè^[_ÄwP¬BÕƹC‡] Ϫõ Ë‹Ø p"Ôf[ m, m
^ÄPüœBÀC‡1 ;® À§¦ p"Ôf[ Ë, vY"ÄbB¸×ŠÃ‡ …+B2 Ž â p"Ôf[Fè Fz.ÄíB"ðªÃdZð Îg[Dú ‘9Ä¢ÁeBH7«Ãš êiu
œöù p"Ôf[Ë— Vc!Ä‚eBQ˜–ǧ Q, °gì p"Ôf[Ëe FR5Ä 7RBå$€Ã‡ƒ ¨’ž Îg[Ëú ·I0Ä‚eBܧÇ
š¯ü1 "Ôf[m, ÍF-Ä‚eBù0©Ã‡] }Fö …[Ï pHag[Ëú ˆ#/Ä‚eBãÃ‡\ ¸F± ¼Ý„ pvúf[Ëú a0Ä‚eB:;Ã‡ ¸F± ¼Ý„ p†úf[ ËÎ ®<+Ä4OB½5]Ç ,#r Ȉ p"Ôf[ËÙ õ+Ä1OBµK]DZ ,#r Ȉ p"Ôf[Ëú õà,Ä-OB}t]Ç­ ,#r Ȉ p"Ôf[ 2 ­j6ÄDVBöÖzÇ‹ }Fö …[Ï pHag[ ’ “4e ;êÄ@ØAQ¢ZÄ G “4e "Ôf[ “4e Ë Ä@ØAtZÄ e “4e "Ôf[L “4e ûÓÄe@ØA+z[Ä ƒ “4e "Ôf[Fè ÖhÄÈAâC^ÄnZð Îg[Dú ¿cÄR)ÓACˆYÄšK “4e "Ôf[Dú 4ºÄ¤äA|EYÄZ“4e "Ôf[/¯ ŠÇÄÀh¶A/­\Ä–& ôy¿ åþn÷ †"Ôf[/¯ qÄ”dÃAò¨\Ä”% ôy¿ åþn÷ †"Ôf[/¯ OÒÄÌz¼AHñ\ıuZôy¿ åþn÷ †"Ôf[/¯ ’7ÄÊ1ÊAJÕ\Ĭ' ôy¿ åþn÷ †"Ôf[/¯ úÒ Ä"lÏAg§\ħ! ôy¿ åþn÷ †"Ôf[/¯ ‚ Ä2aÖAÍe\Ĥ ôy¿ åþn÷ †"Ôf[/¯ Ž& Ä-¨ÝAß=\Ħ ôy¿ åþn÷ †"Ôf[/¯ @Ë ÄFÜáAK\į% ôy¿ åþn÷ †"Ôf[/¯ wj Ä­YæAmÛ[ħ ôy¿ åþn÷ †"Ôf[ &2 ™e €c Äk$ŸA§âÀÇU ™e # Ag[ Ëú ÁãÄ‚eBtT–Ç‹ Q, °gì p"Ôf[‚A ¯,Ä-OB ΂ÇŒ ¸F± ¼Ý„ pøùf[&2 kí ÄO¬Aò·½Ã‡N ™e # <g[ …X2 tJÉ
èd± êí$ddddd f Ä™ BÒ|PC‡ tJÉ
"Ôf[…X2 tJÉ
„ d† … –ddddd k‹ÄËB-¨SC‡- tJÉ
"Ôf[…X2 tJÉ
p dr q ddddd¸ A€ ÄRceBíXC‡ tJÉ
"Ôf[…X: tJÉ
RdS } Kddddd q d ~‹ÄB&üRC‡- tJÉ
“Ôf[ ç, ,Än6BŸ9üC,“¼Gâ ¸ g[Æ, Ó ÄÔY+BÙƒüC‡& ¼Gâ ¸ g[Æ, ñ5 Äd;+BXþC‡% ¼Gâ ¸ g[„ ®Š Ä~à0BjeÿC‡ ¼Gâ ¸ g[ ÿÿ ÔÄ°¾ÁÔL3D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿ ùŠ Ä°¾ÁÆè1D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[…ÿÿJ ¼Gâ zd ¾d òÃÄbsÀÁ}/5D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿa ¼Gâ P<B><color=#FF0000>Shops cost 10 scrap for each floor</color></B> <i>60 Scrap</i>¼“ÄcµµÁ*¸4D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[…ÿÿJ 8¡£ ¾d zd ? ÄnѽÁ{ 1D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[…ÿÿ1 8¡£ zd 3Ä”O„ÁÂÈ3D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[…ÿÿ1 8¡£ zd ĝDÁŸ1D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ 8¡£ 30 scrap’ÄØÕxÁÏU3D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[øÿÿ NÄ ²Âªâ1D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[üÿÿ ãÄ*\¼%3D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[üÿÿ eƒÄP>aÂfž0D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[øÿÿ ^ÐÄŽ'Aé­2D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ kR ÄfäAñ4D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ ŠÕ ÄŽÔA55D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ Z Äö˜¾Á(ë6D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ -Þ Ä•¾ÁLV8D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ –ÄZ¾Á›¼9D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ äÄj˜¾Á¹%;D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿ( ¼Gâ Turn around spot!
—>9ÄÆ4A\3D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[Jÿÿ¹ ¼Gâ ¨<color=red>10 Grizzly Mags, Grizzly with 16x Scope, Rangefinder, Bipod,
PDW With dot sight, Bipod, Tactical laser, 3 Military drums
Umbrella, 3 Med kits
’ Ħ·Á“/D‡” ¼Gâ ¸ g[¼ P}9 \û† p ®ªÄn8ÄÁã°4D | P}9 \û† p"Ôf[ &2 ÿ? ëçÑÃz#1A% mÇk ÿ? ª¬ pvþf[ “ ÜÑÂÃ8‘0BùñRB¦† †oWe ¤ù p-üf[Ë, 6ÜÌÃÿ§B̝ó@‡% ¸F± ¼Ý„ pCùf[ Ëú uÝëÃJBý§vC‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Ëú ³éÃ¥ãB.vC‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Ëú ô/îÃJBáDwC‡® P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Ëú @ðÃJB÷žvC‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Ëú ƒ¥òÃJBô¬vC‡² P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Ëú ®ôæãB§vC‡² P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Ëú PöÛµBÎvC‡³ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[‚ ¦ôÃý BØûvC‡[ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[‚7 åýòÃÏBÛ7wC‡Y P}9 \û† p"Ôf[‚# ÊŽðÃLPBwC‡Y P}9 \û† p"Ôf[…X8 tJÉ
í$d ¨d (d Ld ÖœüÃ%DeBݝRC‡‡ tJÉ
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} Kd í$d } Kd ÕœüÃœIeB]4UC‡‡ tJÉ
“Ôf[ Fè ÿ¹ÄÃØZøÀD‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Jðÿ ¼Gâ 50 scrap ëÃ~5
ÂVºeD‡© ¼Gâ ¸ g[Jÿÿ ¼Gâ 50 scrap “±óÃÄó±À5D‡© ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ ÿ\ÎÈÓXÁ"pD‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ ÛiÏÃàÐXÁ‰ÞD‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[« …ÿÿJ ¼Gâ zd ¾d ;0¼õü¹RÁ0¡3D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[ký 2÷ÃàÍì¿<Œ5D‡” ¼Gâ ¸ g[þ é4øÐËì¿Kð6D‡” ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿ ÖÕôà Îì¿!Ä2D‡” ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÈFû ¼Gâ n–òÐÀü/D " ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿa ¼Gâ P<color=#FF0000>Shops cost 10 scrap for each floor
50 Scrapb#öä«?Áç 4D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿ ÖþÃÍ°¾Áª /D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[}ë Ú¶ýÃÏ°¾Áœ¼-D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿ Â¥Çà XÑÀô
D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿ
†ÆÃDXÑÀr)D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿ \fÅÃXÑÀd,(D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[…ÿÿJ ¼Gâ ¾d zd èôÈøBÔÀXÓ,D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[…ÿÿ ¼G⠁wÄà OÔÀÙD'D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿa ¼Gâ P<B><color=#FF0000>Shops cost 10 scrap for each floor</color></B> <i>60 Scrap</i>™Èäš±À´a,D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿa ¼Gâ P<B><color=#FF0000>Shops cost 10 scrap for each floor</color></B> <i>40 Scrap</i>6ÇÿÃ= µÁ‘Š0D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿ å÷ìÃÎ쿽a)D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿ ˜îÀÎì¿Ëk
D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿ K7ïÀÌì¿ÚÏ+D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿ þVðÀÌì¿è3-D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿE ¼Gâ 4<color=#FF0000>WELCOME TO LINKÖPING
VëìÃ@…N?1D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿb ¼Gâ Q<color=#FF0000>Shops cost 10 scrap for each floor
100 Scrap©ñÃ@ =¿9–.D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[…ÿÿJ ¼Gâ zd ¾d ¤òà ð¿a/D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿ Lã4 fIú p Ž¡ÄÃüO³Àq'D‡" Lã4 fIú p"Ôf[&ÿÿ /ÇÈÃZ¶Á3˜%D‡{ Lã4 fIú p"Ôf[zÿÿ Lã4 fIú p ¨FÄÃLwçÀUÈ&D " Lã4 fIú p"Ôf[¾ÿÿ! 8¡£ Spheee's Helipad|9Èè£@œ+D‡© 8¡£ "Ôf[ÿÿ nÊÊIÁ“¼!D‡} 8¡£ "Ôf[ÿÿ ÁÉÊIÁ·S D‡} 8¡£ "Ôf[Jÿÿ 8¡£ 40 scrap|‘ÂÃÈã‹Á¯M"D‡ª 8¡£ "Ôf[\ÿÿ2 8¡£ ~ d€  Èddddd= ±Áì¡?Á¼“#D+X‡8¡£ "Ôf[\ÿÿ2 8¡£ ~ d€  Èddddd= ÅSÁÃ;<Á@#D+|«8¡£ "Ôf[Îÿÿ ’ˆÁÇ£Áµš#D‡© 8¡£ "Ôf[…ÿÿ1 8¡£ zd #øÃdÜÁp6D‡| 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ 8¡£ 20 scrapv_øðlÁØä6D‡| 8¡£ "Ôf[…ÿÿ1 8¡£ zd FèýÃÏižÁ×9.D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[…ÿÿ1 8¡£ zd iØÇèÀ?s+D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ 8¡£ 20 scrapÉÿÃË?”ÁíŒ0D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ 8¡£ 20 scrapå†ýÃ¥¡ÁVÁ-D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ 8¡£ 20 scrapÂyÇð8‘¿þ*D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ 8¡£ 20 scrap ÄÃPǍ¿]×&D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[… ò1 8¡£ zd MwÄÃ8JÀ™D'D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[…ÿÿ1 8¡£ zd ðäíÃJ @ÿì)D‡| 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ 8¡£ 20 scrap…ðÃ$ÃÀË,-D‡| 8¡£ "Ôf[…ÿÿ1 8¡£ zd Û ðÐÍòÀÌ°,D‡| 8¡£ "Ôf[…ÿÿ1 8¡£ zd ³€óØe4ÁßÝ0D‡| 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ 8¡£ 20 scrap¼æóÃÌ0Á%\1D‡| 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ 8¡£ 20 scrapföÃä‰EÁ¼4D‡| 8¡£ "Ôf[…ÿÿ1 8¡£ zd ÁõèÕWÁ?§3D‡| 8¡£ "Ôf[üÿÿ ™LÅÌցÁ¨ã#D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[üÿÿ }›ËÃú~ÂÝï(D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[øÿÿ ;Êà L•«'D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[üÿÿ ùvÈÃ$°Âel&D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[øÿÿ käÆÃt~Âü)%D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[¾ÿÿÁ ¼Gâ °<color=red>███████████</color> <color=blue>█████<color=red>♚</color>█████</color> <color>███████████</color>«øÃ@N5¿›.D‡N ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿâ ¼Gâ Ñ<color=blue>███<color=yellow>â–ˆ</color>███████</color> <color=yellow>███████████</color> <color=blue>███<color=yellow>â–ˆ</color>███████</color>Wâ÷À—5¿å.D‡! ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿÀ ¼Gâ ¯<color=white>█████<color=red>â–ˆ</color>██</color> <color=red>████████</color> <color=white>█████<color=red>â–ˆ</color>██</color>övøÃÀ1¿5/D‡ª ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿ¥ ¼Gâ ” <color=blue>██████████ <color=red>██<color>✪ </color>██████</color> ██████████</color>~®øÃ@&0¿ž¹.D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿJ ¼Gâ ¢ dÑ d5då˜d6d» dNd ÉçÊÃÓíÀ‚y-D‡} ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÿÿJ ¼Gâ ¢ dÑ d5då˜d6d» dNd ®õÿÃwÏÅÁ ã.D‡| ¼Gâ ¸ g[Jÿÿ% 8¡£ red dirt bike id 181]áÂÃtÇÁÖ $D‡P 8¡£ "Ôf[Äÿÿ2 ¼Gâ )d(ð *ddddd èþÿÃ8­ÃÁ&/D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[Jÿÿ 8¡£ 80 scrap limoíÀÃpÇÁ'ê$D‡} 8¡£ "Ôf[Äÿÿ2 ¼Gâ t d’ —  u dddddd »©ÿÃÚWÃÁ©¼.D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[Jÿÿ¹ ¼Gâ ¨<b><color=red>Freighter pack (180 Slots!! 12x15) Military Nightvision, Forest Military Helmet, Green Bandana Green Parka, Forest Military Vest, Cargo Pants </color></b> Îÿæ·Áƒ£.D‡! ¼Gâ ¸ g[Jÿÿ) 8¡£ 30 scrap per bike id 177P8ÄÃpÇÁ¹¡#D‡M 8¡£ "Ôf[JÿÿE 8¡£ 4tank 150 scrap and comes with 2 extra missils id 120“ÞÂÃ|ÇÁ±6!D‡$ 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ5 ¼Gâ $<i><B><color=red>5$!</color></B></i> ÐÿÍSÊÁì.D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[Äÿÿ2 ¼Gâ t d’ —  u dddddd j¼þÍQÃÁ\º-D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[Äÿÿ2 ¼Gâ kd” —  • ddddd ÙÊÃØ)äÀ#K-D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[JÿÿÑ ¼Gâ À<B><color=red>6 Military Drums, Maplestrike with Chevron scope, Bipod, Tactical Laser, Military Barrel, 3 Military suppressor, PDW With Dot sight, Laser, Bipod, 3 Medkits, Umbrella</color></b>!Ëä-µÀ?µ-D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[Jÿÿ¹ ¼Gâ ¨<b><color=red>Freighter pack (180 Slots!! 12x15) Military Nightvision, Forest Military Helmet, Green Bandana Green Parka, Forest Military Vest, Cargo Pants </color></b>9½ÊÔ-µÀsA-D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[Æÿÿ 0…ÿÃé³Ák¬/D‡c 8¡£ "Ôf[Æÿÿ ^ŸÉäK¦À~-D‡™ 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ5 ¼Gâ $<i><B><color=red>5$!</color></B></i>qÁÊÃÄ8þÀ¦-D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿG ¼Gâ 6<i><B><color=red>Contact a Mod to Buy!</color></B></i>þÃ[Ô·Áûz.D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿ• ¼Gâ „<i><B><color=red>Premium Rank Costs 15$ And has These 2 Kits + Your own custom kit And Commands like /V, /Maxskills</color></B></i>!þʶÃÁ{.D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[Jÿÿ$ PàÛ 40 scrap moon buggy· ÆÀÇÁt"D‡7 PàÛ "Ôf[Îÿÿ óÕúÃø¯¨À^3D‡O 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿC ¼Gâ 2<i><B><color=red>Both Kits for 8$!</color></B></i>ì-ÿÃx¨¿ÁèÝ/D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿC ¼Gâ 2<i><B><color=red>Both Kits for 8$!</color></B></i>ÊòüÃ0?¿Áe-D‡" ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾ÿÿW 8¡£ F<i><B><color=red>Ooga booga where dem anime titties at</color></B></i>¹øÃPd@á…6D‡| 8¡£ "Ôf[zÿÿ 8¡£ ò4øÃ@¸Ú?Kð6D " 8¡£ "Ôf[ÿÿ 8¡£ ÎúõÃà¬ç?"5D‡O 8¡£ "Ôf[ÿÿ 8¡£ ¬#öÃà¬ç?¥X5D‡O 8¡£ "Ôf[ÿÿS 8¡£ ðd — d K d D d B d B d B d d ¸QöÃà¬ç?Ü‘5D‡O 8¡£ "Ôf[ÿÿ9 8¡£ “d “d d d d ð|öÃà¬ç?ãÆ5D‡O 8¡£ "Ôf[ÿÿ! 8¡£ I d I d )£öÃà¬ç?­þ5D‡O 8¡£ "Ôf[ÿÿj 8¡£ Ëd d d d C d d C d C d î d ¨d * d ÒöÃà¬ç?U76D‡O 8¡£ "Ôf[ÿÿq 8¡£ þ d ü d °d þ d þ d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d ÷à ­ç?<r6D‡P 8¡£ "Ôf[ÿÿ 8¡£ 4÷à ­ç?u§6D‡O 8¡£ "Ôf[%ÿÿ òÃ@À5?ý36D‡" 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ PàÛ Admiral Nenad &öÃð¹k@'$4D‡| PàÛ "Ôf[Ãÿÿ ôœëÃðÁ@(D‡} 8¡£ "Ôf[zÿÿ PàÛ ŠõõÃà¸Ú?.(4D | PàÛ "Ôf[jÿÿ RïïÃàš?©÷2D‡k PàÛ "Ôf[¾û> ¼Gâ -<color=red>FREE PARKINGÇ®ÍÃ(\HAaF&D‡ˆ ¼Gâ ¸ g[zÿÿ Lã4 Wðà ·Ú?è3-D | Lã4 “Ôf[ÿÿ Lã4 eŒìÃ@­ç?Ù°/D‡” Lã4 “Ôf[ÿÿ Lã4 ³*ìÃ@­ç?A8/D‡” Lã4 “Ôf[ÿÿ Lã4 Ðëíç?Í.D‡" Lã4 "Ôf[ÿÿ Lã4 |ëíç?÷e.D‡” Lã4 "Ôf[ÿÿ Lã4 ½(ëíç?.D‡" Lã4 "Ôf[zŸö Lã4 õõÃà¤"À.(4D | Lã4 "Ôf[HŠò Lã4 ×…óà [?À'a8D‡! Lã4 "Ôf[Äùø Lã4 ròà XÇ¿e7D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[ÄÄý Lã4 jçñÃÀ#È¿ªå6D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[Äþ Lã4 f¸ñÀøÁ¿{«6D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[Ê)ö ÏaaCóØ[?ÀÈð7D‡" Lã4 "Ôf[Äÿÿ@ Lã4 I d I d I d I d I d EÔôÀŸ·¿Gƒ6D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[Äÿÿ Lã4 þ d U†ôÃ íº¿Ó"6D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[Äÿÿ( Lã4 F d F d ™Eôà £º¿¶Ò5D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[Äÿÿ Lã4 I d Ú¸óÃľ¿’$5D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[Äÿÿ Lã4 „hóà a¾¿'Á4D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[Äÿÿ Lã4 QóÃ@N½¿1Z4D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[ħý Lã4 ¡+øÃ@ö¹¿]§7D‡O Lã4 "Ôf[ÄBü Lã4 z÷Ã@»¿<Ë7D‡O Lã4 "Ôf[Äÿú Lã4 ;×öÃп¿!ì7D‡O Lã4 "Ôf[ÄÁù Lã4 1öà ÉÅ¿² 8D‡O Lã4 "Ôf[Ägø Lã4 ânõÃÅ¿ë48D‡O Lã4 "Ôf[ÄI÷ Lã4 H¬ôÃ@bÍ¿;\8D‡O Lã4 "Ôf[ÄÌö Lã4 ôÃ`ŸÆ¿Ì|8D‡O Lã4 "Ôf[Åÿÿ2 Lã4 ¡d¢ £ ddddd ,ªÆôÃØ\ÀŠÓ3D‡¨ Lã4 "Ôf[¾üL Lã4 ;Guns and Explosives Shop cosplays are the best <3 ^^²öÃPïë¿mÀ4D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[Äiö Lã4 …(óà ¢À¿
s8D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[Äö Lã4 téòÃÀ¿Å¿ý$8D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[įö Lã4 ­ òÀ±Ë¿íÊ7D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[Ä­÷ Lã4 °]òÀŒÊ¿x7D‡| Lã4 “Ôf[ÄÐþ Lã4 Áóà e¾¿Ë®5D‡” Lã4 “Ôf[Äkþ Lã4 òôÃ@À¿ ÿ5D‡” Lã4 “Ôf[Ä’ü Lã4 ôGôà ð¼¿ÃU6D‡” Lã4 “Ôf[ÄÝû Lã4 V‰ôÃÀ²½¿­¦6D‡” Lã4 "Ôf[Åÿÿ Lã4 qd (ЭóÃØ\À@4D‡§ Lã4 "Ôf[Úþ Lã4 5µñà )À£ö5D‡O Lã4 "Ôf[&ÿÿ Lã4 ¨óÃøbÀߤ6D‡N Lã4 "Ôf[zÿÿ n·a AöÿÃi8¢Á¸„0D " n·a "Ôf[Äóü, Lã4 dô d ¨¹óèB0ÀÞÛ7D‡| Lã4 "Ôf[Dú Š]ñÃ]?À’.D‡! P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Fè èÁÈÃLÓõÀ^X,D‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Fè {çÈÃLÓõÀ{ˆ,D‡t P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Fè ¹•ÈÃHÓõÀ(.,D‡w P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Cè £ºÌÃ@N¿’D‡ˆ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Cè †äÌÀŽN¿ €%D‡‰ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Cè íhýÃF
aÁ–À-D‡| P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Cè ³„þÃB
aÁ’/D‡| P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Dú ǃôþ¿j×1D|ZP}9 \û† p"Ôf[Dú ~òñÃÀ—7¿‡.DuZP}9 \û† p"Ôf[Dú 'ÈÃÄ÷¬Àjv,D&*ZP}9 \û† p"Ôf[­ P}9 \û† p ¨FÄÃxî>ÀUÈ&D | P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Fè âöÃÃ|ÇÁB‰ D‡‹ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Fè dÃÆÃ|ÇÁ<L!D‡9 P}9 \û† p"Ôf[øÿÿ K}ÑÈŽwA^Á!D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ KjÐÃÐwAÆA D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ ñ”ÓÃZdÂeQ/D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[øÿÿ lÐÃpºÂ2Ê,D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[øÿÿ u;ÍÃÂÊ·<*D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[üÿÿ ÒÃörÂ.D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[üÿÿ —ÔÎÃF·Â„+D‡ PàÛ "Ôf[øÿÿ ûÇÜäQÐÀ†D1D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ ›ÂÛÃT6ÐÀuÝ/D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[Jÿÿ ¼Gâ 50 scrap !èô¾šÀ§H$D‡O ¼Gâ ¸ g[Jÿÿ ¼Gâ 50 scrap e„ðô¾šÀeÅ"D‡O ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ S¸ÚÃ4GÐÀ¥o.D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ ½²ÙÃÔAÐÀH-D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ a¬Øä@ÐÀÜŸ+D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ Û¦×ÃPÐÀ•8*D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ - ÖÃ$'ÐÀºÏ(D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ c…ÒÀ£wA/,#D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ ÏŒÓÃ$[ÐÀ–$D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ K’ÔÃÔFÐÀHý%D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[øÿÿ ³™ÕÃä\ÐÀ"g'D‡# ¼Gâ ¸ g[Jÿÿ ¼Gâ 50 scrap ÝùÃľšÀÉ=!D‡P ¼Gâ ¸ g[ K, -¨¢ÃĹ‚B"oć† ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[U â‘e[ÌɢÑF„Bw9oć‰ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[U æ‘e[Ÿ¢Ã‘F„Bó7oć‹ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[S ñ‘e[kâÑF„B˜oćˆ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[S ÷‘e[¢ˆ¢Ã‘F„B¡oć† ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[S ü‘e[ìǢÑF„B(ønć‡ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[S ’e[ҝ¢Ã‘F„B'ùnć† ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[W ’e[Ú@¢Ãq«‚B{ºnć¥ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[W ’e[z¢ÃË‚BX£nć­ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[W ’e[BТÃîu‚BYdoć ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[W e’e[¯¦¢ÃÒ—‚BÃdoć ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[W ’e[µ|¢Ãƒº‚Bgoć’ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[W "’e[F¢Ã1æ‚B8doć‹ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[W &’e[ô3¢ÃæÁ‚BÏÐnćœ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[J +’e[ ù¡ÃŸè‚B·nć¥ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[J -’e[%â¡Ã7ƒBDÊnć¥ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[J 0’e[¸¡ÃôƒBR©nć­ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[Y ‘e[gˆ¡Ã„BÜÆnć ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[Y ‘e[§V¡Ã5„B4¯nć¥ ‚©« üò§ p"Ôf[ Y FL vŽÃ<,Á^š’Ã$Z¼Gâ ¸ g[Å ¼Gâ — d ›Ã8˜'Á°¿›Ã‡² ¼Gâ ¸ g[¾L! ¼Gâ spheee's pee peeªÃ¼G3ÁwœÃ‡X ¼Gâ ¸ g[Cè ­qÃ(ôµÀ ñ«Ã‡² 8¡£ "Ôf[Cè Ä­ŽÃ(ôµÀ¸¿«Ã‡² 8¡£ "Ôf[C” «ŒÃ ôµÀ$£«Ã‡² 8¡£ "Ôf[C® z²ŠÃôµÀ¹{«Ã‡² 8¡£ "Ôf[CÙ ºA‰ÃôµÀ_«Ã‡² 8¡£ "Ôf[Cï ÃÀ‡qÀã¬Ã XZ8¡£ "Ôf[Ce 8¥ŽÃ [nÀ;°¬Ã XZ8¡£ "Ôf[mp ·1‘ÃÀ‡IÀø«Ã‡² 8¡£ "Ôf[΁ Fm;ŒÃ8°¡À‚ŽÃ‡o ¼Gâ ¸ g[m9 ‘D‘à NÀõ«Ã‡³ 8¡£ "Ôf[mk d‘Ã@+‚¿R¬Ã‡® 8¡£ "Ôf[{a Z§ŠÃz‘@䆈Ç+ ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÎX æ‹ÃÈ‘TÁ{ù¯Ã‡n 8¡£ "Ôf[{e Z§ŠÃP½A䆈Ç+ ¼Gâ ¸ g[†2 ƒø‹ÃØ)ÁOš°Ã‡U 8¡£ "Ôf[]K 2 8¡£ ~ d€  Èddddd= 5ŒÃ\ú*Á 9¯Ã‡- 8¡£ "Ôf[]K 2 8¡£ ~ d€  Èddddd= à ŒÃ\ú*ÁYݯÇ+ 8¡£ "Ôf[]K 2 8¡£ ~ d€  Èddddd= }ï‹Ã\ú*Áóü°Ã‡/ 8¡£ "Ôf[]K 2 8¡£ ~ d€  Èddddd= ØñˆÃúÁT+°Ã‡‹ 8¡£ "Ôf[]K 2 8¡£ ~ d€  Èddddd= ‰Ã\úÁ£®Ã‡’ 8¡£ "ÔfK 2 8¡£ ~ d€  Èddddd= eùÃTúÁ.a­Ã‡ˆ 8¡£ "Ôf[]K 2 8¡£ ~ d€  Èddddd= ) ÃдÁ¯Ã‡ 8¡£ "Ôf[ÊÔ ¼Gâ ïŒÃ”JAŒ2Ã X ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê„ ¼Gâ ݈ŽÃ”JAD΋à … ¼Gâ ¸ gK 2 8¡£ ~ d€  Èddddd= {ŠÃ¨ôÍÀÉ÷¯Ã‡ 8¡£ "Ôf[Ê„ ¼Gâ n¾ŽÃ”JAЈà … ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê„ ¼Gâ &ZÃ”JA@6‡Ã ² ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê} ¼Gâ ü[ŠÃ˜”JA¯ ‡Ã ² ¼Gâ ¸ g[Êz ¼Gâ "ˆØ”JA÷dˆÃ + ¼Gâ ¸ g[Cè ŠÃèë3Apø…à ¯ ¼Gâ ¸ g[%2 8¡£ Á‰Ã8ŽçÀ¯Ã‡° 8¡£ "Ôf[†2 —ÙŠÃp×GA]”…ǯ ¼Gâ ¸ g[ÊS ¼G⠏ŒˆÃ˜”JA c‹Ã + ¼Gâ ¸ g[Êà ¼Gâ "ˆÈ”A÷dˆÃ + ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê„ ¼Gâ ü[ŠÃˆ”A¯ ‡Ã ² ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê8 ¼Gâ &ZÃˆ”A@6‡Ã ² ¼Gâ ¸ g[Êê ¼Gâ n¾ŽÃˆ”AЈà … ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê« ¼Gâ ݈ŽÃˆ”AD΋à … ¼Gâ ¸ g[ʃ ¼G⠏ŒˆÃ)…@ c‹Ã + ¼Gâ ¸ g[Êj ¼Gâ "ˆÃ)…@÷dˆÃ + ¼Gâ ¸ g[Êå ¼Gâ ü[ŠÃ)…@¯ ‡Ã ² ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê
¼Gâ &ZÃ )…@@6‡Ã ² ¼Gâ ¸ g[Êr ¼Gâ n¾ŽÃ )…@Јà … ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê„ ¼Gâ ݈ŽÃ )…@D΋à … ¼Gâ ¸ gK 2 8¡£ ~ d€  Èddddd= ÒˆÃ\ú*ÁQK¯Ã‡‰ 8¡£ "ÔfK 2 ¼Gâ ~ d€  Èddddd §Ã€z¿åΏÇZ ¼Gâ ¸ g[HX[ 8¡£ a  Èd  Èd  Èd  Èd  Èd  Èd ~ d€  Åddddd÷öˆÃ¨ôÕÀ>ϰÇ+ 8¡£ "Ôf[HXK 8¡£  Èd  Èd s2d s d )d(ð ddddd$ñˆÃ ô¥ÀÓѰÇ 8¡£ "Ôf[Ê„ ¼Gâ ÞˆŽÃ ĵ½C΋à … ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê„ ¼Gâ n¾ŽÃ Àµ½ÐˆÃ … ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê„ ¼Gâ &ZÃ ȵ½?6‡Ã ² ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê3 ¼Gâ ü[ŠÃ ĵ½¯ ‡Ã ² ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê„ ¼Gâ Ƶ’à Àµ½Ú›Ã X ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê ¼Gâ ¢O”à ȵ½7Ã … ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê„ ¼Gâ Zë’à ȵ½´Ã ² ¼Gâ ¸ g[%2 Ys’À®ã¿ŒÃ‡u ¼Gâ ¸ g[Ê„ ¼Gâ /íÃ ȵ½#hÃ X ¼Gâ ¸ g[Êø ¼Gâ s¹ŒÃ ̵½µ0Ã X ¼Gâ ¸ g[m, ’,‹ÃÀ-È?aN®Ã‡± 8¡£ "Ôf[Êx ¼Gâ WˆÃ ȵ½KaŽÃ + ¼Gâ ¸ g[m ȇŠÃÀ-È?<ѬÇ„ 8¡£ "Ôf[Ê„ ¼Gâ ’ŒˆÃ ȵ½!c‹Ã + ¼Gâ ¸ g[mÿ I”ŠÃÀ-È?›ê«Ã‡„ 8¡£ "Ôf[Ê\ ¼Gâ "ˆà ĵ½÷dˆÃ + ¼Gâ ¸ g[mi U‹ÃÀ-È?•Œ«Ã‡W 8¡£ "Ôf[má ôBŒÃÀ-È?ܪ«Ã‡X 8¡£ "Ôf[m, ÷DŒÃÀ-È?¦5¬Ã‡+ 8¡£ "Ôf[m, 3ŒÃÀ-È?±­Ã‡+ 8¡£ "Ôf[m, Å ŒÃÀ-È?y ®Ã‡+ 8¡£ "Ôf[XA ¼Gâ  Èd  Èd  Èd  Èd  Èd  Èd xxŽÃ€Â-¿˜ï‡Ã‡„ ¼Gâ ¸ g[X1 ¼Gâ  Èd  Èd  Èd  Èd YõÃ€Â-¿²Õ‡Ã‡… ¼Gâ ¸ g[X ¼Gâ ê{Ã€Â-¿ŸÄ‡Ã‡† ¼Gâ ¸ g[X ¼Gâ YýŒÃ€Â-¿=¸‡Ã‡† ¼Gâ ¸ g[X ¼Gâ «ƒŒÃ€Â-¿˜¶‡Ã‡† ¼Gâ ¸ g[R ¼Gâ s2d (õ‹Ã€Â-¿°‡Ã‡† ¼Gâ ¸ g[m Y;ŒÃ P(@º¬Ã‡+ 8¡£ "Ôf[mi Êà P(@쥫Ç} 8¡£ "Ôf[m, <uŠÃ P(@Ô(­Ã‡… 8¡£ "Ôf[m, #‹Ã P(@IN®Ã‡± 8¡£ "Ôf[m, ¥ŒÃ P(@}®Ã‡² 8¡£ "Ôf[má ›ú‰ÃÀ-È?j"­Ã‡± 8¡£ "Ôf[m

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ã‘ÃaÛ"Bt…‡^ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Cè ‹Õ“Ã®ã"BÖk„‡] P}9 \û† p"Ôf[Cè [”ÃsK"BŒ²†Â‡U P}9 \û† p"Ôf[mã @Æ—ÃÈíBì}‡0 ¨’ž
Îg[m) d¸—ÃY1!B‚ý}‡0 ¨’ž
Îg[Fè ˆL—ÃÈí!B«áƒÂ‡/ ¨’ž
Îg[Fè ¥L—ÃJu(BèƒÂ‡3 ¨’ž
Îg[Dú â¾—ÃÈíBꯂ‡+ ¨’ž
ï g[Dú eù—ÃÈíBOXƒÂ‡) ¨’ž
ï g[m, Ž—ÃÈíBs‡, ¨’ž
ï g[aCè ÊRÃ2‚BUhB“„ ¼Gâ ¸ g[G^ «žÃ"BÊ€qB‡‡ òÞL \û† p"Ôf[ÿ ¿’4 4ß²ÃL BcƒB - ¿’4 "Ôf[/¯ ³¸ÃF"B¿“AB°³ ¿’4 "Ôf[/¯ o
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m9·Ã‚B4NYB‡… ¿’4 "Ôf[/. É9·Ãi÷#BwYB‡… ¿’4 "Ôf[/¯ Y4·Ã‚BaÃRB‡† ¿’4 "Ôf[/¯ —2·ÃEÏ#B¨aRB‡… ¿’4 "Ôf[/¯ ]E·Ãf$B|¬JB‡‰ ¿’4 "Ôf[„ ëšÃwã6BLrñA‡ &ÛJ3 Îg[¼ lºšÃDN7BLrñA‡ ©3C Îg[¼ ìt˜Ã,b7BQrñA‡ ð Îg[„ 7
™Ã!Û8BOrñA‡ &ÛJ3 Îg[ ¡†™ÃÙ¥6BNrñA‡ ©3C Îg[Dú ŸÌ—Ãf®,BˍB•” ¨’ž
Îg[Dú #œÃ®CŒB6@ŒB˜± ¨’ž
Îg[Dú ԜÜ’BùMŽB™± ¨’ž
Îg[D 埕ÚpBª§ƒBUZ©3C Îg[E wÙ—Ã()4BÒ£AŽ, ©3C Îg[Ëú {*±Ã_ÚBƒ–B‡$ ¿’4 "Ôf[Ëú ²/±Ã_ÚB““B‡2 ¿’4 "Ôf[Ëú xU±Ãä°!BÔ”—B‡ ¿’4 "Ôf[.à J±ÃC{'BËS’B‡+ ¿’4 "Ôf[/W \!±Ã_Ú"B3¼ŒB‡- ¿’4 "Ôf[/¯ \!±ÃŒß(Bä‹B‡, ¿’4 "Ôf[/¬ ,±Ã›R(B2<ˆB‡- ¿’4 "Ôf[/¯ ,±Ã;Ê(B÷…B‡/ ¿’4 "Ôf[/£ á±Ã,(B[yB‡, ¿’4 "Ôf[#– µ¡»ÃvÇ'Bs ‡B2Z†oWe ¤ù p-üf[z„ ¨’ž X˘Ã73B±h—A Z ¨’ž Îg[Êß ¨’ž ·ê˜ÃpP$Bï-*@ ¨’ž Îg[Ê„ ð !]šÃfÑ#BÎ-*@ ð Îg[z^ ð ÇG Ãü Bð&ƒA ‡ ð Îg[L ¨’ž ŸÃ|73BXž^A ¨’ž Îg[Ê„ ¨’ž {IÃi$B-*@ Z ¨’ž Îg[Dú '0 Ã*Î!B©¡¤@‡ˆ ¨’ž Îg[Dú ÛV Ã6Í(B*LŸ@‘ˆ ¨’ž Îg[Dó BtŠÃ:§CÐýgB ƒ ©3C Îg[Dú ^ŒÃZ]CùPvB±© ©3C Îg[D˜ v\ŒÃVÔTBAGdB‡J tJÉ "Ôf[Dú ¨ÆŒÃWÔ[BebB‡p tJÉ "Ôf[Dú A#ÃXÔbBÔeB‡“ tJÉ "Ôf[Dú øŒÃYÔiB]cgB‡ tJÉ "Ôf[Dú ?ŒÃæÙpBgªfB‡1 tJÉ "Ôf[Dú ÔšŒÃçÙwBñÍbB‡V tJÉ "Ôf[Dú qÃçÙ~Bº‹bB‡‚ tJÉ "Ôf[Dú ×$Ãôì‚BEeB‡® tJÉ "Ôf[Dú e¡ŒÃôì‰Bî,cB‡W tJÉ "Ôf[Dú ¡ÃôlBåbB‡ƒ tJÉ "Ôf[Dú GÃ§úB›¢fB‡« tJÉ "Ôf[Dú @®ŒÃ§z”B.&hB‡ tJÉ "Ôf[Dú o}ŒÃ§ú—B•*eB‡L tJÉ "Ôf[Dú "ëŒÃ§z›BÀ4cB‡o tJÉ "Ôf[Cè <¦¤Ã?ê¤CtüÎB ­ ©3C Îg[&2 ©3C b¨¤ÃÙ¥CýˆÏB‡­ ©3C Îg[Da DoŒÃ?ÍMBN–hB‡! tJÉ "Ôf[Dú ²ŒÃôl†BQáeB‡’ tJÉ
"Ôf[Cè ½;¤Ã?ê¤CÜÈB S ©3C Îg[í V¤Ã?Z¥CÃÏÇB‡V ©3C Îg[Ê •a(T¤Ã¸¦CñžÇB‡V ©3C Îg[Cè kj¢Ã?ê¤CNáÉB R ©3C Îg[Cè 4âÃ?ê¤C4ÑB ¬ ©3C Îg[&2 ð n¤ÃÙ¥CkÌB‡­ ð Îg[Dó BœÃiœBÿjµB›d tJÉ
"Ôf[Då ˜ÙÃjoŸBeD³B›c tJÉ
"Ôf[DÙ Z‚Ã~)¢B¨ó°Bd tJÉ
"Ôf[DÙ UR‚á¤B˜€®B f tJÉ
"Ôf[Dã 9™‚ÃșB1õ«B¢f tJÉ
"Ôf[Cè SD£Ã?ê¤CùxØB ¬ ©3C Îg[Cè d¥Ã?ê¤C^rÖB « ©3C Îg[Dï ‚ÃA§¨Bhž©B¢g tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú ’EƒÃK/ªBŶ¦B®d tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú 2—ƒÃS¢«BúÚ£B¡g tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú ¹ðƒÃú@­B¡B¬k tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú 9„ÃH‡®B§žB¦h tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú ®„à 6°Bj›B¤h tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú FÜ„Ãw±Bƒ˜B®i tJÉ
"Ôf[Cè bz¡Ã?ê¤C&mÚB & ©3C Îg[Dú .>…Ãp²Bû™•B«i tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú —…Ã#³Bìù’B¯d tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú ØÕ…ÃßÕ³BՏB­b tJÉ
"Ôf[DÜ ¿†ÃÁ´B¸ŒB«c tJÉ
"Ôf[Cè !î Ã?ê¤CÐ:ÓB R ©3C Îg[Dú RF—Ãh-B9‹B‡§ tJÉ
"Ôf[Cè es Áë¤C’ÐËB S ð Îg[Cè ÞQ¢Ã?Ú¥C}îÅB‡T ©3C Îg[&2 ¨’ž
½Ø¤ÃÙ¥C°ðÒB‡¬ ¨’ž
Îg[Aè ŸÃû¥C‡ËB‡’ ©3C Îg[Cè Ét ÂۥC–±ÇB‡R ¨’ž
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ddddd ÌdÎ Íddddd èd éaddddd“É¢Ã?Z¥C|#ÙB‡­ ¨’ž
Îg[z„ ©3C ŸÃñ¤¥C‡ËB ’ ©3C Îg[Cè 5ŸÃ?ê¤C|ôÔB & ©3C Îg[C¶ —žÃ?ê¤CXÎB S ©3C Îg[C¶ ሟÃ?ê¤C1%ÜB ­ ©3C Îg[&2 ˆÓe ‰¥ÃÙ¥C8PÖB‡¬ ˆÓe Îg[Cè éŸÃ?Ú¥CDûÑB‡& ©3C Îg[Cè a Ã?Ú¥C÷ÙB‡% ©3C Îg[Cè ï­¡Ã?Ú¥CÝB‡ ©3C Îg[Cè íj£ÃAÚ¥CãsÜB‡¬ ©3C Îg[Cè àX¥Ã?Ú¥C
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¦Ã?Ú¥CŸWÕB‡ ©3C Îg[Cè 2¤Ã?Ú¥CÞ8ÄB‡U ©3C Îg[Cè u’¥Ã?Ú¥CÝ©ÆB‡} ©3C Îg[Cè rœ¥Ã?Ú¥CûÎB‡ ©3C Îg[E– ¨ŸÃ¿“¦CøÊÉB‡( ©3C Îg[E– §ŸÃ¿“¦C¤žËB‡’ ©3C Îg[Xy ð
@d ìd °d d d d d  Èd d @d { d þ d þ d Hý¢Ã¥ ¥CbÆB‡R ð Îg[E– N¸ŸÃ¿“¦C¿VÍB‡( ©3C Îg[Cè ΐ ÃѦC6oËB³°Z©3C Îg[Ê Ðaè÷ Ã?Z¥C¬éÚB‡ ©3C Îg[X¡ ð { #d { #d { #d /d { #d { #d d @d + (d ìd Q d ¨d { #d { #d { #d { ed { #d { #d e† Ã¥ ¥C›’×B‡% ð Îg[Cè ¿X¢Ã¶Ó¦C°½ÉB³®Z©3C Îg[Cè Ì ÃvÓ¦Cà÷ÒB °Z©3C Îg[Cè #=¡ÃvÓ¦C³ÙB ® ©3C Îg[X· ©3C { d {
d { d ëd d Èd q ddddd cdd eGddddd { "d y d d d î d «d ¬d adì dddddN Ã¥ ¥C$üÔB‡% ©3C Îg[X¹ ©3C ÉdÊ Ëeddddd §d¨ ©ddddd §d¨ ©ddddd Äd Ï ddddd Uúd eGd Òd Xad Qd ©d Qd Ç d ­ Ã¥ ¥CèVÒB‡& ©3C Îg[XÑ ð «d VdW Xaddddd ÉdÊ Ëeddddd ÉdÊ Ëeddddd ÉdÊ Ëeddddd ©d { #d ©d Ï d Ï d Qd Ëed äd °d +d ðŸÃç¡¥CÏB‡& ð Îg[X‘ ©3C þ d » d { d d d d … –d … –d þ d ë d Id ðd äd – d … –d *d P¢Ã¥ ¥C”ÇB‡Q ©3C Îg[†2 ‡y¡Ã›‰¥C=AÉB‡… ð Îg[X¥ ð Qd [-d { #d Ëed [-d „ dì— • … –ddddd í$d þ d þ d d Ï d Ç d Ï d p dr q dddddµb¡Ã¥ ¥CMÈB‡\ ð Îg[Cè 9!¤Ã#ѦCóÈB ¬Z©3C Îg[Cè d¸¢Ã2ЦC&ÑB ­Z©3C Îg[Cè ‰$£ÃŸÙ¦CõÝØB RZ©3C Îg[Cè =÷¤ÃËÙ¦C¹¬ÖB QZ©3C Îg[Cè øz¤ÃõÓ¦C‚kÏB QZ©3C Îg[jÈ ¡¢ÃÙS¥CÍxÐB‡- ©3C Îg[Ë, ¿Ì¡Ã›‰¥CiÚB‡h ©3C Îg[Cè
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Îg[$ú 1ŸÃ?¥C›éØB‡¬ ©3C Îg[)d 톟ýh¥C0ÜB‹” ©3C Îg[¾LI ©3C 8<color=#800000>Tomte
<color=white>kulteny›¢ÃÆ!¦Cî{ÐB‡Q ©3C Îg[/2 ©3C suck a dickÁ££ÃÇ¥CN¹ØB‡ ©3C Îg[È ©3C ÿŸÃ?:¥CŒhÛB‡š ©3C Îg[D( ¿Y†ÃÇÿµBe‰B©c tJÉ
©‹†Ã˜·BІB­a tJÉ
"Ôf[D‚ p¶†Ã÷·B5¹‚B­b tJÉ
"Ôf[DÍ Jõ†ÃU±¸BMÛ~B¯c tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú r7‡ÃCG¹B¿õwB°a tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú Ÿl‡Ã?Þ¹BìæpB¯b tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú l¦‡ÃºBq/jBc tJÉ
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"Ôf[Dú åå‡Ãp »BsedB¡c tJÉ
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٠Ç¥CËyÚB‡› ¨’ž
Îg[ìX ©3C ° [»ŸÃ¥ ¥CMÓB‡ ©3C Îg[02 À ©3C ¯Bucket list

  1. Fly
  2. Dont die from flying
  3. Kill someone/rob a bank
  4. Be in prison
  5. escape from hig securety prison and be famous
  6. Be a milionare
  7. move to bali
  8. Die>¦Ã”Ü¥CÑ}×B‡% ©3C Îg[Æ, Ã*‚¦C±TÖB‡% ©3C Îg[ÅX2 ©3C ad dddddU ¥¥¡Ã?š¥CÁ,ÙB‡­ ©3C Îg[ÅX2 ©3C „ d† … –ddddd Š¤Ã?š¥C•ÙB‡­ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C )d dd d ôN¥Ã^a¦CJÈÊB‡’ ©3C Îg[ÄX ©3C N¥ÃL
    ¦C¸ÊB‡’ ©3C Îg[XÅ ¨’ž
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    d“ ï‘ • ddddd ¸Ø¥Ã¯g¦C½mÔB‡% ©3C Îg[Xy ¨’ž
    èd™ ð êëddddd t dì ‘ u ddddd èd éaddddd fd ð hddddd
    ӥå ¥CàÆØB‡­ ¨’ž
    Îg[åK ’ Ã’²¥C™!×B‡% ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C d ddddd ¾×¥ÃÌû¥CÔB‡% ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C ÌdÎ Íddddd :ä¥Ã?£¥CBÕB‡% ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C ÅdÆ Ç ddddd RÜ¥Ã_W¥CüŸÔB‡% ©3C Îg[XI ©3C \ [ Z Y ] €8ŸÃÙË¥C¤-ÞB‡ ©3C Îg[º2 Cî›Ø~ÇÛHŒ ¾„²meºÝŸÃ?š¥Cå ÛB‡† ¨’ž Îg[&2 âCà ”¢£ÃÙ¥COÓB‡% ©3C Îg[m, a™Ã*Î/Bù{A‡_ ©3C Îg[&2 ¼Gâ FÖ¢ÃÙ¥C¦\ÔB‡~ ¨’ž Îg[¾Â ¼Gâ ±fü p±<color=red>███████████ ███<color=yellow>☭ </color>██████ ███████████ ███████████</color>»@ŸÃ¿§CxeÌBˆ‹W¼Gâ ±fü p¸ g[&2 fÄ ó“¡ÃÙ¥C»¶ÕB‡¬ fÄ Îg[A [£ÃÌù¦C$ÍÐB‡ ©3C Îg[Cè b »§CƨÇB‡­Z©3C Îg[Cè ¯E¢Ã;»§CQÞÅBˆS ©3C Îg[Cè ¤Ã#Á§CCÄB‡S ©3C Îg[Cè ó(¥Ã?º§CöâÆB‡€ ©3C Îg[Cè ¨¥Ã>º§C…†ÎB‡ ©3C Îg[Cè —¦Ã6º§CBÇÕBˆ%Z©3C Îg[Cè Gh¥ÃÒɧCsJÚB‡¬ ©3C Îg[Cè ñ‰£ÃŸÉ§C_ÜB‡¬ ©3C Îg[Xs ©3C ™ d ëd ” d – d “ d Ld *d ïd Id Pd Q dddddÜ¤Ã‰‡§CæHÅB‡ ©3C Îg[XI ©3C a eGd ©d ’d D d { #d { "d { d rm¤Ã‰‡§CÆÆÅB‡ ©3C Îg[XS ©3C Ëed Èd q ddddd ë d íd í$d í$d ¤Ã‰‡§CšyÆB‡~ ©3C Îg[X’ ¨’ž { #d had ëd *d ™ d C d ©d ©d ¯d ëd ëd ëd ëd @d • d ™ d Nû¥Ã1§CµyØB‡” ¨’ž Îg[X• ¨’ž d ddd d @ddddd d d d d Id @d d d d d Š¢Ã§C— ÜB‡ ¨’ž Îg[Cè “¡ÃħCŒgÝB‡± ©3C Îg[Cè Ýl ÃvçCEkÚB‡' ©3C Îg[AL ß Ãvã§C¿>ÔB‡( ©3C Îg[Cè R¾ŸÃ/ħC¼KÍB‡‚Z©3C Îg[Ë, ¿ Ã÷k§C ¬ÉB‡˜ ©3C Îg[z„ ©3C ß Ã挧C¿>ÔB ( ©3C Îg[E– B= Ãa„¨CKëÕB‡& ©3C Îg[E– ^( Ã'‚¨CwÔB‡' ©3C Îg[E– © ÃÒ…¨C%ÒB‡' ©3C Îg[Cè lZ¡Ã-Á¨CùôÙB²„Z©3C Îg[Cè | ¡ÃaȨCC³ÒB²‚Z©3C Îg[Cè Öš Ã-ШC\ËB²€Z©3C Îg[Cè 55£Ã¤Ð¨CÝØB „Z©3C Îg[Cè ]ã¢ÃKÚ¨CëzÑB Z©3C Îg[Cè &v¢ÃØå¨CûJÊB ƒZ©3C Îg[Cè a¥ÃB¸¨C¿ÈÖB²(Z©3C Îg[Cè ¤Ã'ŨCšÏB²'Z©3C Îg[Cè 4C¤Ã]ȨCMíÇB²%Z©3C Îg[ÄX ¨’ž ^+¥ÃÌ[¦CKÈB‡# ¨’ž Îg[X« ©3C d • d ’ d d “ d ”d – d — d ˜ d ¨d ¨d °d þ d þ d èd éaddddd  d  d î¡Ã܉§C<ÜB‡° ©3C Îg[XQ ©3C { #d [-d [-d Ç d d [-d d d Ó¤Ã1§CìÚB‡¬ ©3C Îg[XA ©3C [-d d Ç d Xad Qd d º·£Ã§Câ,ÛB‡­ ©3C Îg[X ©3C ~£Ã‰‡§C*ÇB‡~ ©3C Îg[X ©3C Òd V£Ãņ§CÖØÇB‡ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C ÉdÊ Ëeddddd &öŸÃÑN¨Ca]ÏB‡‚ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C _d { ddddd }öŸÃTô§C¼dÏB‡‚ ©3C Îg[ÄXL ©3C Äd Ï ddddd Äd Ï ddddd ¬÷ŸÃa §C”ÏB‡‚ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C ÅdÆ Ç ddddd øŸÃ7X§C‰ÏB‡‚ ©3C Îg[ÄX ©3C Þg ÃÔO¨C¢¥×B‡ ©3C Îg[ÄX ©3C !h Ã3ô§C•ª×B‡ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C Pd Qddddd "g Ã;›§CÉ—×B‡ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C dì  @ddddd ñh Ãu=§Cѹ×B‡ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C „ d† … –ddddd F Ãýs¨CøáÓB‡ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C VdW Xaddddd žÛ¡ÃŽM§CãÛÆB‡­ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C §d¨ ©ddddd =ڡí¯§C#ÏÆB‡­ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C VdW Xaddddd zÙ¡Ãe¨CßÁÆB‡­ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C Ìd’ ˜ Í ddddd šÍ ÃpL§CuÁÇB‡­ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C z d| { #ddddd 6Πó§CÚÀÇB‡­ ©3C Îg[ÄX2 ©3C ~ d  Èddddd 0È Ã¨CÜÆÇB‡­ ©3C Îg[Dú é‡Ã‚BÎ_Å@‡¤ †oWe ! ]g[Cè ¸‰§Ãu B ¼ÖA˜² ìJŸ ! ]g[Cè ² §Ã,·Bª7ÞAšV ìJŸ ! ]g[Cè «§Ã®aBÙŸÜA§ˆ ìJŸ ! ]g[Dú ~c¨Ã%B¨ØA+ ìJŸ ! ]g[Dú –—¨Ã9Bì\ØA* ìJŸ ! ]g[/¯ ½î‰Ã4MÃBÄ:EB‡p †oWe ! Ý g[/M -AŠÃ4ÍÆB1QHB‡£ †oWe ! à g[/¯ 2Ú‰ÃnNÊBp†JB‡ †oWe ! ã g[/r $ŠÃnÎÍB¬MB‡¡ †oWe ! æ g[/¯ áЉÃnNÑB]PB‡ †oWe ! è g[/¯ e ŠÃnÎÔBIïRB‡¡ †oWe ! ë g[/¯ ±‚ŠÃnNØBКPB‡s †oWe ! ô g[/‚ —ÙŠÃnÎÛBÌdSB‡• †oWe ! ø g[/¯ a›ŠÃnNßBh@VB‡ †oWe ! íg[/¯ Ò‹ÃnÎâBA±WB‡” †oWe ! ðg[/¯ –ØŠÃnNæB§üZB‡a †oWe ! òg[/¯ TK‹ÃnÎéB\B‡ †oWe ! õg[/¯ ò/‹ÃÁNíB1é_B‡ †oWe ! øg[ …X: êiu °d kdl ddddd Žˆ¹ÃépeBÀFC‡- êiu "Ôf[…X: tJÉ eGd cdd eGddddd 3B¸Ãa¹eBØkQC‡Z tJÉ "Ôf[…XB êiu ©d ©d §d¨ ©ddddd ”l·ÃœeBØkQC‡Z êiu "Ôf[Cè áä¤ÃɵCX~C ² ˆÓe Îg[Dú ˆù¤Ã¶C/ÌCœ² ˆÓe Îg[Dú V¥ÃE¹¶Cc C ± ˆÓe Îg[ ÿÿ q-¸Ã0ŠIÁ»g#D‡# 8¡£ "Ôf[eÿÿ 8¡£ i-¸Ã ™Á»g#D # 8¡£ "Ôf[ÿÿ 4¹Ã4ŠIÁ—Ð$D‡# 8¡£ "Ôf[Jÿÿ 8¡£ 40 scrapï¹ÃÐã‹Á¥Þ#D‡¬ 8¡£ "Ôf[Jÿÿ 8¡£ 40 scrap®ì¼ÃÐã‹ÁfU#D‡ª 8¡£ "Ôf[Jÿÿ 8¡£ 40 scrap™­¿ÃÐã‹Á¿Ó"D‡ª 8¡£ "Ôf[¾ÿÿ† 8¡£ uSpheee's private safe vehicle storage Your vehicle will be safe in here dw but it will cost u 40 scrap per building ö)ºÃdèfÁ‰G&D‡# 8¡£ "Ôf[Jÿÿ 8¡£ 60 scrap rollsMà½ÃtÇÁ‰Ð#D‡} 8¡£ "Ôf[Öÿÿ ¼Gâ Ë:ºÃ4JˆÁs9&D # ¼Gâ ¸ g[AL ‰¹ÃÕã…ÁÞS&D‡~ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[¾ÿÿ 8¡£ 30 scrap}rºÃpcœ¿Ýb*D‡| 8¡£ "Ôf[ Ê ¸µŸ:ÂBÎ&Qćr {r s?ü p"Ôf[Fè .…ÃÅ+B-hOħZð Îg[àôH<GÂBÍ¥Qćg †oWe ¤ù p-üf[Ë, ›6ÃAýBFTć² †oWe ¤ù p-üf[Ë, ðˆ-ÃAýBêPć„ †oWe ¤ù p-üf[ m, B€cÂeB’;ćŽ Þiu "Ôf[ t2 iÃF€Bï6-¡± +× ! ]g[{ à¨Ã#ªˆB™»Â‡Q +× ! ]g[{ à¨Ã#‘B™»Â‡« +× ! ]g[4 Fè ŽlYÃg­0Bú!B‡¥ Ϫõ Ë‹Ø p"Ôf[jˆ ¤deÃy°BE»…B‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[jÈ 7þfÃy°B‚B‡’ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[m, ñ4fÃJB•sB‡+ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[„ ´^ЧIB²ÁÆA‡‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[„ ´^ÃY«IBHÙA‡‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[„ ´^ÃW«IBõôA‡‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[„
    ´^Ãp¬IBÈyB‡‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[W ´^Ãá÷IBÉ®B‡‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[W ´^ÃÝIB}B‡‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[„ QÌ\ÃzJBMi%B‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[„ 6RYÃv?JBCi%B‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[„ ЈSÃàöIB2i%B‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[„ 4WÃØïIB<i%B‡ P}9 \û† p"Ôf[…XB tJÉ
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"Ôf[Dú põp=߇Ì?àõ@‡Z tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú Îï’¿R
˜?†’À‡ tJÉ
"Ôf[Dú ´?Èö?¶À‡¢ tJÉ "Ôf[Dú €!ñ»4S“?TâÀ‡ tJÉ "Ôf[ m, æT–½2‘Ï?"O£?‡[ “¾r e "Ôf[m, &ã‹¿E‘Ï?4’>‡0 “¾r e "Ôf[m, ͬ•?N‘Ï?’ôí>‡† “¾r e "Ôf[‚( d=h8>™ç.@‡^ “¾r e "Ôf[ E– ž–ò¾‘Èl@×ÁA¿‡Y Hå s?ü p"Ôf[Eu 4†>©Êl@79®¿‡… Hå s?ü p"Ôf[Ef #D>Él@Šè7¿‡ZHå s?ü p"Ôf[ER x‰¿°Êl@ÊÌ¿‡+ Hå s?ü p"Ôf[E– ?¿°Êl@¾¯k¿‡@ Hå s?ü p"Ôf[E‚ -Ï3¿Qm@\¼î¿‡ Hå s?ü p"Ôf[ Dú êc)¾i“Ì?æ—3? W †oWe ! ]g[Dú ^Òa>xãË?ùN–?Ÿf †oWe ! ]g[Dú ´m’¿,^ó?@l½ˆ/ †oWe ! ]g[Dú Mà•¿æô?X춿‡- †oWe ! ]g[

THE AMOUNT OF TEXT AHHHHHHH… It seems the files are encrypted bruh

They’re not “Encrypted” they are just not meant to be opened using a notepad, if it was encrypted everything would be jibberish but some parts like signs are still visible

Actually, on closer inspection, it is kinda what you said. What’s the file type? If it’s not notepad, then try opening it with whatever it was meant to be opened with, unless it is a notepad file which means it’s stuck like this. Also, BTW, the owner of the bed should have a account I’d number, not a name. Look for a string of numbers. I may be incorrect but that’s the best I can do for us in this mess.

You can’t, so you don’t. It doesn’t output like that.

i was hoping to see something like "bedroll color=red coordinates: ********** owner: ****** (steam 64 id)

Could you maybe use

[details="A title or summary goes here"]
The text goes here
the next time you need to post walls of text

So that it can be compacted like this

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that ocmmand doesn’t exist?

That’s not a command. Harvest was saying that a ton of raw text just clogs the page up if you don’t collapse the text.

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there was a plugin which informs who’s barricade or structure

so not anymore?

tbh that’s really relatable


ok, i see how it is

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yeah, you do.

If Unturned worked like that, you would also see things like “wall type=pine coordinates {xyz} owner: etc”

I feel like that would essentially be akin to programming a game in Java. You’re just not supposed to see that part of the game.

i know, just asking for help!