Finding a way to get rid of cosmetics

i think they are kinda shit and mkae ingame items look silly in comparision. though this isn’t really a good idea i still want to see alternatives for funding the game excluding the whole paid official servers idea

Nelson isn’t planning to add cosmetics, at least in the way we know them now. The closest thing we might get are camo skins similar to the ones we already have.


Skins for pre-existing clothing would be awesome, like gun skins but for clothes. Nothing too silly, maybe just leaves and camo decals on helmets, different badges and patches for military clothing, camo on various clothing items, etc. You’d have to actually get the clothes first, rather than a thing that appears to be clothing but actually isn’t.

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well there’s nothing wrong with a toggle option for clothing/gun skins.


Are there any ideas you had in mind specifically?

It’s already confirmed that cosmetics will not be added like they are now. But gun cameo skins and stuff are different

Links please? Last I remembered there were cosmetic/aesthetic item variations, an official server pass, and an acknowledgement that a portion of the community wants a community market.

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