Finding location of specific objects

Hello im wondering if it possible to find specfic object location on map in map editor

It may be possible if you’re able to decrypt the object.dat file.

I usually replace the object I want to find with a large and obvious model, and then check the location on the map.

how to do replace objects? sorry im not good at map editor

I am assuming that their suggestion for you is to edit the .dat file for the object you’re trying to find so that instead of using the mesh it currently uses (e.g., a small mailbox), it uses the mesh of a much larger object (e.g., a large grain silo).

For example, you could add this to the object’s .dat file to make it use the same mesh as the “Note” objects:

Master_Bundle_Override core.masterbundle
Bundle_Override_Path /Objects/Medium/Furniture/Note

/Objects/Medium/Furniture/Note is the file path to the asset you’d like to use. If you wanted the object to use the same mesh as a larger object (such as a grain silo), the file path could be /Objects/Large/Utilities/Silo_Grain_0 instead.

Once you launch the game and enter the map, you’ll see the mesh of a grain silo wherever your object had been placed, which can make finding that object easier. Once you’ve found the object, you can undo your changes to the game file (or verify integrity of game files through Steam).

thanks for help

To replace the data in the object dat you are looking for, just keep the guid and id.
If you are looking for an npc, change the filename of asset.dat to match the folder name.