Finish Him!

Is just a litle idea, if are the final hit to kill the target (Like a shoot of a sniper .50 in a head or a 152mm “in case of you are target by a TANK!”)

to literaly damage and break equipements in area affected of player (for example damage a gps in your pocket)

And had more! the head/Leg/hand/feets, when hited by a high caliber like a .50 or a 152mm “In case of a tank” multilayer the player and make the parts fly in directions making the assassin, search parts of victin body to find your damaged itens reducing incentive on pvp loot in a way very gore!

Good luck if you kill a guy with a grenade :yum:

(Detail This just go work if is a “final hit -> dead bodyes” to dont cause problems like a guy walking without a leg in a game)

Dismemberment is too cruel for such a game, I think it should be disabled on default if added. And damaging items in pockets is kinda hard to implement, maybe damaging some random item in that piece of clothing.
Anyways, too much gore. Stop playing Manhunt.

Exploding into pieces is a bit gruesome for a game of it’s caliber, I think at most when a player dies by an explosion, their backpack can be knocked elsewhere.


Please no.

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When players get taken down by explosions or large calibers, I want the impact to be pretty brutal, but there’s no reason for unneeded gore, especially in a game like Unturned. I get II is going down a different path than 3, but I still think dismemberment isn’t needed.

Impacts can still be pretty bloody and with gear flying off and such (plus more realistic ragdoll effects) I think we could get some pretty nice looking deaths (ok that sounds really weird now that I look back on it aaaa).

It’s already planned I’m pretty sure. I think it’s a good idea in my personal opinion, although it could impact framerate and might lag for low end computers.

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Why can’t at least, maybe blood flies everywhere and the arms, torso, legs and head can get thrown in different directions/flop onto the ground. This could be turned off in settings similar to no ragdolls.

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Imo all player corpses should appear the same for everyone, as this is important for, like, several game mechanics to function (looting corpses being one of them).

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Hand grenades kill with concussive blast or shrapnel, though it probably takes a chunk out of you, but dismemberment is an unnecessary feature IMO. I think that items such as GPS, Soda, etc… being damaged (excluding worn clothing such as vests) because you were shot in a certain body part isn’t a good mechanic.

And in PvP, if I have the better gear than the other player does, I should have the better advantage. And when I kill the other player, I should be rewarded with all the loot they had on them.

You’re right, but maybe so the “giblets” aren’t as detailed, and the corpse/bits flying off/blood are either really simplified or non-existent, thus increasing performance a bit, that’s kinda what I meant.

And I was kind of referring to when someone gets hit by a tank shell or a grenade or something, for the corpse to disintegrate, so whatever was on the corpse would be destroyed as well.


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