First person servers?


Hello. Ever since I started playing Unturned I have stuck to First person and vehicle third person servers. I am hoping that first person only servers or vehicle third person servers will be a thing in 4.0. More specifically, will there be an option for the server owner to make the server first person only.

Can anyone give me any information about this?



Most likely. I would just prefer Nelson doesnt add third person mode at all since its just there to be abused, nothing more.


Seriously, Third person completely kills the skill bar!


If you haven’t noticed, Ahem, third person is awesome in the devlogs. Plus, if it gets removed, you’ll be surprised on how much you used it.


i won’t. because i don’t.


I mean what if when you try to take a third person screenshot via shift f1 or whatever it is?

i’m sure thats a very popular third person thing


if it was an admin only thing then whatever honestly


eh, not really. it doesn’t kill the skill if everyone has it.


Third person is only really bad because it creates defenders advantage and makes pvp campy, because who ever peeks first is the one who is in danger. iirc freelooking is planned for third person, so I think it will be even campier in 4.


Yes but from what I can tell about 4.0, it’s gonna be harder to aim in 3rd person. Free looking is just to help with immersion I guess.


smacks table


Thank god. I wouldn’t even mind really if you could access third person, like maybe if nelson made it so it didn’t have a crosshair. There are some benefits of third person, but In 3.0, the negatives outweigh the benefits (Negatives being that there is reduced recoil and everyone camps behind trees)


No, i honestly hate third person with my life… i’m used to using only first person anyways i could care less


Here let’s do a poll for this.

  • Have 3rd person
  • Get rid of it because I’m angry that people use it
  • Get rid of it
  • No u

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The thing is, third person can be balanced! A very simple one like: not being able to shoot in 3rd person.


Well, i prob would quit game because i don’t like First person games.


So then add servers with First and with Third person to everyone can be happy and to be fair :slight_smile:


Even if third person isn’t included in the base game, it would still be possible through mods. My primary concern is that official servers be first person only.


I haven’t exploited third person for corner peeking in PvP in 4 years.

Proof: My lean keys are literally rebinded to the arrow keys because that’s how little of a crap I give.

Therefore I’d 100% support third person being fully removed with the exception of cinematic purposes for SP/admins


Well, I find that fine, but isn’t the entire post about removing it, no exceptions?