Fishing derby this weekend at ZombieJAM server


Any links or IPs?
When exactly is the contest?
What exactly is up for grabs?


What is this
What are the prizes

is this a screenshot contest or a fishing contest in a server?

Its a fishing derby all this weekend on unturned ZombieJAM pve server.
Prizes are jeep wrangler (tamamas) and SeaJet (vanilla remastered) for best photo submission on our discord,
And $100k goes to the first player to catch a squid.
Just search “ZombieJAM” in the server list and come join us in the fun!

I want that squid fuck the other prizes

I want that one hundredk motherfuckers!

Wait I noticed that prizes are mods
Is the one hundredk real money or unturned money?

I think you already know the answer to that question…

Alright if it’s unturned money I don’t give a fuck

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Aww man I can’t join.