Fishing is kinda boring

Fishing in unturned is downright boring to be honest, and you don’t get anything good from it either. What if it were made to be more like Minecraft where you can sometimes fish up random items. The items could be found in waters near certain areas, like you could fish up gun parts near military bases and tires from fishing near towns. The items would be extremely damaged to avoid getting good loot in the beginning of the game. Or maybe even add drowned zombies that will sometimes come out the water at random when fishing.

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I like the zombies part because I think that zombies being contained to only populated areas of the map is kind of boring. I want zombies to come try and raid my base, otherwise whats the point of having one? I want zombies on blood moons or even just random events to spawn everywhere and attack any base regardless of location. Zombies being confined to just towns doesn’t make perfect sense, because realistically in a zombie apocalypse they would roam out of cities and follow humans.

Yea, I want zombies to come out of towns on certain nights to raid bases, that would be f—ing awesome.

what if the supply package plane would randomly drop horde beacons near you? Then you have to fight off zombies and get rewards

That would add some spice to the game that it desperately needs, however it would also need to have an option to disable it in both single player and multiplayer servers (would need to be a value in configs)

i love fishing!!

I doubt it’ll be updated just because nobody does it and nobody will do it even if it is updated, would just be a waste of time hate to say

Personally, I found the fishing aiming in Albion Online interesting, and the little minigame in Stardew Valley. Maybe we need to consult P9nda now that he’s a fisherman!


Yea a little mini game would be a nice touch :slight_smile:

You have no idea how ready I am


What about alligators or crocodiles? There could be a small chance of fishing up one while fishing, just to add some action to it. Or could fishing rods be changed to Minecraft style and hook players so you can pull them around.

Surprise croc attack! :crocodile:


I could see some really cool uses if we could change what animal gets pulled up when modding fishing rods. Like if someone makes an alien themed map they could make it have a chance of pulling up an alien creature. Or in another setting you could make it have a chance of pulling up a scuba zombie or something.

Only in Ohio :pensive:

what about florida?

There’s a little alligator in the pond at my university.

yeah… sea and air animals needed Zombie Shark and Mutated Crow

i think it would be cool if it had an actual mechanic at least, its just so easy and you dont get anything good from it on vanilla i think either giving it like actual loot tables or adding a good mechanic or maybe both would be cool, i do love the fish models though fish are so funny :3

Fishing on A6 Polaris is where i found the love for fishing, you can get some good loot and then you can get a fish that blows you up lol

i got to liking fishing when i got so sick a year ago i couldnt actually play the game all i did for the 4 hours i was awake every day for those 2 weeks was fish on elver lmao