"Five Kingdoms" unique project Unturned

Team Community Modding for the third month working on a new project Unturned.
About the project:

  • Unique graphics.
  • Completely replaced the content of the game.(85%)
  • Unique plugins.
  • A unique map with a plot.
  • Fractions with the system of the state.
  • Mini games. (Gladiators arena and others)
  • Huge location with different references and Easter eggs.
  • The unique nature of Unturned
  • Unique boxes.
  • Excellent habitation of players.

Screenshots of the project.


That’s some good effort right there. Keep it up

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Thank you…

okay it’s cool but

Fractions with the system of the state


i love me some math /s

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I’m sorry, I’m using a google interpreter.
I do not know English = (

Wow that’s really cool!


Thank you very much, unexpected.

The textures…

What do not you like?

I’ve been seeing a lot of new ideas coming to Unturned, this looks really promising!


thats amazing,good job very very good…
I’m waiting this map

Thank you very much for your support. Soon, the trailer will be released (the official announcement of the project) and the first closed tests. :thought_balloon:

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I want to inform you that Five Kingdom is now on GitHub.
You can:
Read news about the project.
Follow the progress of the development.
Ask questions about the project.
To help us make the project better.
With the announcement of the project, there will also be a Wiki section.

It seems way too detailed for a game like Unturned but not in a negative way.

We do not make fashion on stone, we make a full-fledged world where 80% (or even all 90%) of the content will be in this style

Reminds me of Sea of Thieves!

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