Floating Point Gun Indicator

I’ve made a lot of posts about GUI’s and trust me, I just love games with great GUI’s and just the look in general.

So my Idea is that guns have a “floating” ammo indicator as to show information about the gun. This can be useful in dual wielding when regarding a separate gun and even in interaction where a little indicator shows when you interact with an object.

Take a look.

Floating indicator in the middle of reloading. Tracks gun position on screen.

Floating indicator while shooting. Stays to the side of gun/canted sight. Hides in scopes.

Indicator when gun is empty and player needs to reload. Remains on screen until reloaded. Ghosts to the side of the gun in hip fire similarly to the one above when done.

I think this certainly has a place in Unturned II and considering the new slick animation for item pickups, this fits in pretty well!

Leave your suggestions and feedback down below. Tell me if you don’t like anything.


That’s looks a bit… futuristic.


It’s seem look like garry’s mod addon CW 2.0


Yeah that’s actually the thing that inspired me to do this concept art lmao!

I don’t like it very much. It take up too much center screen space

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Well when not in use, this thing moves to the side and kind of ghosts itself, also if you’re talking about image #1, it moves along with your gun kind of taking up your focus and showing you info about your gun while reloading.

Why? It makes no more sense for this to exist when your hipfiring, aiming down sights, or aiming down a scope.


Frankly, I don’t want it.

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the line pointing back to the gun ruins it imho

I don’t like it,
I like having my weapon info stationary and in the corner more.

i dont have any counter (the HUD on 3.0 is extremely ugly!)

just liie crysis you mean, when you customize the weapon it shows a nice GUI with what attachments you have available, but it seems too futuristic to have indicators all the time telling you whats up, but it’d be nice only while you’re customizing the weapon

no problem add a option on menu to actvate or deactvate


There’s already an attachment menu, this post is about moving the ammo counter to where the weapon is. Have you ever actually played Unturned before?

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I’d be happy if I could turn off the hud, and have to inspect the gun to check what fire-mode it’s in, as well as having to check the mag if I want to know how full it is, or just remembering how full it was and how many shots I’ve taken.

I don’t like it. I agree with @Burger_Time about it looks futuristic, so IMO that means anything but realistic.

I’d like it to be like in average hardcore games, on which there’s no ammo indicators, so you must remember how many rounds you have left on the mag, being able of checking your mag of course (as seen in No More Room In Hell and Escape From Tarkov).

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I think that.it is cool

I like it… just not for Unturned.


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