Foliage should be forced on

In unturned 3.0, having foliage forced on would be a terrible idea because of how terribly optimized the game is. Unturned II is much more optimized so having foliage forced on probably would not be a problem

it should be forced on low.

or server owners could be able to force on certain graphical options


Why would you want to force the foliage on? There should always be an option to disable it if needed. Not everyone has a decent PC. Fair enough, U2 does run 100x better than 3.0, but like there should still be an option for those who don’t want to have it enabled.

That’s a horrible idea…


It’s been recommended a bunch, actually, because players without foliage on could easily see players hidden in said foliage, giving a combat advantage. Unlike 3.0, I think 4.0 might be capable of rendering very low-quality foliage (or perhaps a substitute) without a significant performance drop.


To make ghillie/camo/stationary sniping/stealth in PvP viable. Forcing the world to be a green sheet with cover dotted about seriously restricts gameplay in almost every facet. And I say forcing because no mildly serious player would play with grass on in multiplayer, case in point 3.0, it’s just to gargantuan of a advantage to ignore.


Awhile back I asked nelson for the ability to Force fog on certain maps.


Was that a request for Unturned or Unturned II?


EDIT: I know it’s kinda unrelated since it’s normal Unturned, but based on how Nelson responded to a request for UI, he’s probably gong to respond a similar way for UII.


Although Unturned II is much more optimized the foliage is still something that can cause loss of performance, I think that’s why there is the option to disable it, but maybe Nelson will add a ‘’ Low ‘’ option to the foliage. .


but then how will i be able to see people hiding in foliage


Well, I believe there may be some way to fix this.
I thought this way: Like in World of Tanks, being in the bushes makes your tank invisible;
Another solution would be to just force the foliage high and / or large, no one will sneak into the grass in real life (at most on tall grass or in a clump of them).

These are two simple suggestions, I do not say that they are perfect or definitive solutions, but I speak to keep in mind that: No matter what the problem, there is always a solution waiting to be discovered.

If your computer can’t handle something that would cause a few frame difference when turned off from Low, then you shouldn’t be able to play the game regardless.


Forcing graphic settings and having grass rendering is not at all the same thing.

Using that logic Nelson is forcing us to see leaves on trees in 3.0.

If he makes the lowest possible setting still render grass and foliage he wouldnt force graphics settings but rather set a standard/default graphics

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This is what I was referring to.

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