This seems like a random, irrelavant suggestion, but it’s got me thinking. With these “signs” that Nelson promised in the editor, I think there should be more than one font, rather than just the stupid, blocky Blender font. This would add a lot of variety to the signs, and make it look much better and more professional.

Its not a blender font. Its a flat font

you know the font I mean though. the font that’s on everything in Unturned, and in the II screenshots

Now I agree that some buildings should have different fonts, but road signs shouldn’t



Not road signs, but billboards and shops


It may be off topic but I had an opportunity and it was used

@MoltonMontro ban pls /s

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sans undertale

Use me as a dislike button /s


I think perhaps 3-5 fonts wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I wouldn’t want anything too flashy or out of place. I’d also like to see less bright signs in general. Kinda annoying how shiny and bright the text can be on signs in 3.0.

no purple comic sans please

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Yeah, it’d be nice to see some variety
Also in my opinion I don’t think cafes should just say “Cafe” and post offices saying “Post”, etc

Some brands would be nice

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