Food and cooking in unturned II

As we all know in unturned 3 there is not many options food wise. Things like fruits are basically non existent and in other areas there is not much either. Unless you downoad a mod like more farming there is not much in the way of cooking either.

What my suggestion is is to have more food options and new food types in general. What my suggestions are is:

  1. Dog food, when people loot stores they don’t take the dog food unless there is nothing else so this one would be common and fill you decently.

  2. Alcoholic beverages, depending on the age rating Nelson will go for alcoholic beverages will have some effect like the current berries depending on the strength and amount. things like whiskey, wine, beer and vodka would be in this category.

  3. Fruits and veggies. These would be most used and most effective with cooking. They can be grown in gardens and planters. When you find them they will most likely be rotten. Things like: leaks, apples, cabbages etc… will be in this category.


they can be used for basic cooking like: roasting veggies and meat or boiling water and making simple soup.

This can be used to make booze like moonshine.

Stone oven:
This can be used to bake things like pastries, bread, cake and pizza.

If you have anything to add or see a problem with this please say so down below.

Thank you for reading,

There’s a lot of threads detailing this stuff already. Read existing posts before making your own.


as Stutt said, there have been tons of suggestions regarding food in Unturned II. But this is the first time someone suggested Dog food. Pretty interesting :thinking:



It taste meat.

I think they should be more realistic

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