Food is a problem in unturned

In Unturned people grow their own crops and its about only 2, lettuce and tomatoes, but the problem is that they eat the crops raw with out using them on sandwiches and other foods. i think that raw crops should not give you such a high yielding amount in hunger and thirst like in unturned 3.0 does and that the food you make give’s you a higher yield. also people mostly only find granola bar’s or juice box’s in stores and they can never make better food, like for a example, i can never find maple syrup or doughnuts or sandwiches, all i can ever find is vegetables, seeds, or bread. i hope this can be changed so that Unturned 2 can feel more survival than Unturned was and i also hope that there will be for food to find. (pls dont hate me or kill me this is just a idle and its my 1st Topic )


I can tell you that freshly grown crops are very juicy and filling unlike the food you find in locations left to rot (excluding canned food, which have higher food/water yield).

Bit hard to find the point of your suggestion. Can’t tell if you’re making a statement or suggesting something in one of your lines.


Actually, fresh crops will be better for you than other stuff. Yes you should cook a lot of the food before eating to get bigger buffs.
Also growing crops will be more in depth in 4.


sorry too confuse you. i personally dont like the fact that people can just sit in a house and only grow lettuce and be fine. i do understand that there will be rotten food and canned food in stores. i just kinda feel bad for nelson for adding all this food we and find and make but for the most part every base i have raided or been in only lives off of lettuce and maybe some tomatoes and almost never see good food. I just hope it doesn’t stay the same as unturned 3.0 because people just cant live off of 1 to 2 crops in their base for their whole life and that dose not feel like a survival game if you dont need to worry about food and water as much.

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i agree with you here where unturned both has a very few select crops and foods to grow and eat that everyone uses and nobody bothers to find time to make cool foods.

addition: just wanna say that i think it would be cool if we had some more unique animations for eating and drinking different foods, such as actually opening a can and possibly seeing the food inside (maybe even needing a can opener to open things like canned pasta and chicken noodle soup).


Ok, so as one of the people who usually grow tons of crops for living and use rain barrels to never have to worry about food and water I think I have the right to comment my opinion on this.
First of all while carrots, lettuce and tomatoes are quite good to eat as is at 100% quality, multiple amount of them is needed to be completely filled. Which then causes space problems. I mean I literally had over hundred vegetables of each kind when I played. It’s good for camping but if you are heading out it’s better to prepare sandwiches and such since they heal more and use only one slot. And besides. Even if people can live forever inside their houses what’s the problem with that? And besides food shouldn’t be the main reason to head out. And what’s the point of forever staying in your home? Do you really think people will do that only because they have tons of food and water? Or would you do that if you had infinite food and water?

And another thing: If grown food became nearly worthless in terms of how much it heals people would only camp longer to grow enough food for their trips.


Most of the time I sustain myself on fishing and looting beach locations anyway.


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