Food/Nature in Unturned II

Unturned kiddoes eat food right? i was thinking some common foods like glue and chemicals get you high, but they need abilities.For instance, Berries could give you slightly better vision in the dark while you’re high af. drinking glue not only gets you high but suffocates you to death. Chemicals burn you from the inside but once you turn into a toxic puddle those who step on you also burn into toxic sludge. Maybe you could make toxic buildables that glow at night and kill you if you aren’t protected. Bodies could be eaten for health and speed boosts, and a player’s skull could be crafted with a torch and some glue to create a jacko-lan-tern. Food creates waste product like empty can and empty vegetable fleshes, right? so you can make buildables out of those. Bottles could be turned into shoes with tape and a ludicrious amount of hot glue (i got this from a diy channel btw). an unbelievable amount of animal parts could leave you wondering what to do next. I once saw on google someone mage a teddy bare out of chicken parts, so i thought what if i made a house out of the skin and bones of humans and animals. People make fur coats, so why cant i make skin coats? furries wear heads of animals, why can’t i wear the head of my friends? exactly, and in a survival situation you’d need a human coat or a cabin made of kids. but that’s just a suggestion, a unturned suggestion. thanks for reading, reply.


I have a craving only hands can satisfy

5 min crafts much

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yes indeed

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in Unturned you can already have a good effect from food, energetic drinks give you energy, Indigo berries, and energetic bars do the same.

but what if eating tyres killed you?

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