For those who want the Italian translation of unturned 3.0 (In development)


note: if the translation is missing in the elements, objects, vehicles, etc… and because I have to finish translating them.

For instructions on how to install this translation you will find them together with the folder where all the files are. if you did not understand how to do it, just ask for it :slight_smile:


spread the word :slight_smile:

This post will be updated when I have translated all the objects and Items of the few remaining maps or “Greece” and “Carpat”.


Well, then its not complete


the writing that is missing pieces but is (“ALMOST”) complete just wait a while and it will be.

try it and you’ll see it :slight_smile:


Rottame dovrebbe essere “pezzo di metallo” secondo me. Per il resto, ottimo lavoro!


Grazie per il sugerimento! :grinning:


Using the Steam Workshop would be more practical, as it’d be easier to update. It’d also reach more people, and be easier to install.


I tried to do it but nothing to do nobody knew its existence, I try again…


Whats the problem?


I’m doing it now, do not worry,


done :wink:


Nice that you took the time to translate.


the great part of the translation was done 1 year ago, and I put about 1 month of work.


I’m not italian nor do I speak it but me likey