Force Grass settings on at least low?

Before you say “nElSoN aLrEaDy DiD tHaT” I have to say a few things. Yes, he did do that around 2016ish but people didnt like it because of an FPS drop. But around 2017 if I remember. He redid the grass to be more performance friendly. Now recently he did a engine update for Unturned. While some people have mixed results, it improved performance to some degree. Is there any chance the grass setting can be tweaked so people can’t turn it off for a PVP advantage?


If you think you’re getting an advantage off it just turn it off too.Nobody stops you and this way you’ll be fair playing.

Grass should be a tactical advantage, for a survival/pvp game.

He could add a feature where the enemy player model gets partially covered in green when prone in grass (outside of the grass render distance), this way it would be performance light and pvp enhancing, but im more talking about unturned 2 since 3.0 most likely wont get any big updates like the one im proposing

aint :clap:
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well yeah, that too. i already said it wasn’t going to happen in 3.0 anyway

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