Forum Discord Server


do we have a Forum discord server, and if not, should we?


No. 10 characters


as in we shouldn’t or there isn’t one


We shouldn’t


why not? i could start it up


There’s people in this forum that people don’t like. And if that person joins. It kills the serverv


No. 10 characters


Just give them the title of basket case and limit there permission’s down to a shitposting room


haha funny XD reddit third person memes for epic unturned gamers


anyway i made the server, i haven’t added flairs or anything like that yet


There isn’t one.

Though there’s the Official server. We had a recent change in management and server design, so most past issues would be negligible.

As for creating a server based on the SDG forums, I doubt it would work well as it would most likely end up as a server group of regulars and friends.


i just made it indended as a chill little friendly little meme and shitposting group. if that’s ok :smile:


Remind me to join tomorrow night.


majority of answers are negative

makes one anyways


Does X look nice? Everyone says no, Creator ignores them
Should I make Y? Everyone says no, Creator ignores them
Is it possible to Z? Everyone says no, Creator ignores them

Azz this is internet standard


Professionals have standards


69/10 would try again gud server


Thank you for stealing what I said.


join it pl0x


unturned in a nutshell