Forum Discord


I made a little Discord group for the Unturned forum. Feel free to join :smile:


oi is @discobot on thar


Hah he ignored you. @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Reply hazy, try again


There already is one.

But not 100% specific to the SDG forum.


For the entirety of unturned, yes, but for just the forum, no


Not talking about the official Unturned Discord server.


Ahhh okay


isn’t there already a poridge server for this?


The chad Pineridge vs the virgin Forum Discord


other way around


or you could just join the Unturned Official discord server at smile


I won’t be using Discord until atleast the end of lent.


I mean, what’s really the point of having “forum discord”? For help/support/other? You can join the official unturned discord for that and use the forums lol.
Also isn’t it kind of a double post? Same topic by you in two different categories :eyes:


that was just a post for questions, this is the actual thing.

and yeah i guess but even if it’s dumb to you I can still make it. you can’t use voice chat on the forum.

also the official unturned discord is really shitty, poorly moderated, and not such a chill or friendly place. i can do what i want, if you don’t like it you don’t need to join it…


With that logic anyone can make a server and call it forum server.


people can make a server and call it whatever they want, my dude


When was the last time you’ve been on the official discord? Recently we’ve had a change of management and so far everything seems much better. You can even post memes freely now!


poor paladin, you are gonna make him sad


They’re basically the same topic. You could’ve edited the post and just added the link there. I don’t think you needed to make a whole new post.
Why would you need to use voice chat in a forum?? What purpose does it bring? To communicate for support using the voice chat? Bruv, you can do so in the official unturned discord server… like paladin said, you clearly haven’t been there. It is a much nicer place now then it was before but not a lot of people have realized that yet. I didn’t say you can’t make one, I just said it is kind of pointless to do so.

Also don’t hurt paladins or any other discord mods feelings :cry: that’s just not cool