Forum Update | early July 2021

Early July 2021 forum update. Today’s the Unturned anniversary! No notable changes with this forum update; mostly just the tweaks that came up while working on other projects.

  • Added a new badge for the 2021 Unturned PC Anniversary! :partying_face:
  • Tweaked Vincent II theme CSS to remove various text effects and improve readability.
  • Tweaked Sam’s Simple theme CSS to reference a hexadecimal variable as opposed to the hexadecimal directly.
  • Shortened the category description for the Community Lounge.
  • Shortened the category description for the Regulars’ Lounge.
  • Minor bug fixes for various badge grants.
  • Updated some outdated badge descriptions.
  • Updated third-party extensions and theme components.
  • [SDG Blog] Tweaked theme CSS to make font size more hierarchal, and body padding/margins more sensible.

Users of the Vincent II theme will have the most noticeable difference, as most text will no longer be washed out, darkened, and desaturated. Font size has also been made consistent across all elements for Vincent II users.


Local category pin for 2 weeks.

dragon beast award when



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So, still waiting for the right to say the neighbor word, am I right brothas? @newlogan @ForeverBlue @Doy_Man