Forum Update | February 2023

Just a small forum update (with a side of wiki).

  • Modding Support can now use the bug-report tag.

  • Added the LiamDoesGame 1v1 Tournament badge.

  • Topic oneboxes provide more information.

  • Search filter for polls (in:polls).

  • Renamed the “Curated Map Teams” group to “Curated Map Creators”. Members of this group automatically receive the Map Creator badge.

  • Updated the Map Creator badge’s description to provide more detail on how the badge is acquired.

  • Added a backup icon for the P9nda eSports June 2019 | Finalist badge.

  • Fixed localization of and js.composer.error.post_length.other failing to display the minimum post length required.

  • Updated all themes, theme components, and plugins.

  • Several security fixes.

vincent2-main Theme

Minor theme bug fixes.

  • As a test, the vincent2-main theme is currently the default for new users (this was enabled Feb. 7).

  • Simplified code for custom width.

  • Replaced custom styling of a.mention and a.mention-group with a.hashtag-cooked (inline mentions).

  • Removed adjust-hue for inline mentions.

  • Fixed user/group card outlines from being visible on every page.


  • Added support for videos and video galleries.

  • Added 404 Handler for thumbnails.

  • Increased max file size upload limit to 10Mb.

  • Increased max image area to 17,000,000 pixels, so that charts/satellites for large maps can still generate thumbnails when uploaded at higher resolution.

  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails generated for MultimediaViewer would sometimes fail to update properly.


Month-log pin to top of SDG Forum category.

What is the 1v1 Tournament?

It was a tournament hosted by LiamDoesGame that occurred last month, which we provided trophy skins for (similar to several previous events).