Forum Update | January 2022

January 2022 update

User features

  • Support for Emoji 13.0 (see: Emoji Version 13.0 List)
  • See the number of drafts you have, from anywhere you can access drafts
  • Search page results do better about showing content matching usernames/full-names when they are searched for
  • New users who opt into mailing list will no longer receive notifications regarding new posts that they themselves created
  • Fixed an issue with Google auth API that would prevent users from being able to log in through their Google account


  • Couple new badges.
  • Switched the positions of “Unturned” and “Unturned II” in the category list. Newer visitors will, mistakenly, post under the Unturned II categories as they are the first to appear when making a topic. This change will (hopefully) reduce the amount of miscategorized posts.
  • PMs have a slightly different design than topics
  • Couple tweaks/fixes to Vincent II theme.


  • Updated preferred contact email
  • Email domain blocklist supports wildcards
  • Blocked some niche scam/spam email domains from making user accounts.
  • Expanded URL blocklist
  • When a new user’s post is pending, the message explaining so is more clear


  • Security and package updates
  • Removed various software packages and dependencies that are no longer necessary to site functions

ok that’s cool but when unturned ll update