Forum Update | March 2022

March 2022 update


  • Composer properly detects when gifs are copy-pasted, and will paste as expected (rather than pasting a static image).
  • Lightboxes of images include the original image link.
  • Share URL for sharing posts is automatically selected, to make copying more seamless.
  • Updated modal design for sharing posts.
  • CSS for <kbd> elements, imitating the design of a keyboard button.


  • Cache last post number.
  • Muting a parent category will also mute all of its subcategories.
  • Existing users can redeem invites.
  • Partial match aliases in emoji filter.
  • Invalid topic invites will properly display an error when used.
  • Search page shows topic visited state.
  • Expired bookmark reminders are highlighted in red.
  • Centralized UI for all 2FA methods (TOTP, security keys & biometrics, backup codes…) and uses (login, special actions verification…).
  • Redesigned the versatile banner slightly (with a focus on reducing space occupied, and improving readability). This also fixes a bug where a closed versatile banner would still have some elements displayed.

User accounts

Select favorite badges

Users can choose which badges show up on their user card. Visit your badges page, and favorite one or two of your badges!

Select your avatar

All users now have the option to select from some premade avatars. For now, there’s a selection of five Unturned faces as a test for this feature.

Additionally, system-assigned profile pictures have been changed to have a limited color pool for the background color. Currently, the limited pool contains some of the colors used as in-game item rarities.

Select your avatar!

Additional changes

  • Renamed the “SDG Wiki Username” optional user field to “Wiki Username”.
  • Accounts must be at least TL1 to upload profile backgrounds and user card backgrounds.
  • New user accounts have a daily limit on the number of posts they can report per day. This limit increases as an account’s trust level increases (similar to the daily limit on likes).
  • Reduced the maximum number of media files a new user account can upload.
  • Inactive TL0 accounts are automatically removed after 1 year, and unused staged accounts are automatically removed after 6 months.


  • Security fixes.
  • Removed/replaced deprecated software packages and dependencies, and other bloat.
  • Various bug fixes for themes, plugins, and components.

Globally pinned until April 1, 2022.

Thanks molton, very cool

GIFs will work? Nice
I’m glad that Forum is getting updates.

Great work as usual, My only suggestion would be a UI overhaul since the forum in its current state looks a bit depressing.

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R.I.P. support of older browsers. I deliberately downgraded my phone to Chrome v83 several months ago to keep the old tab design(as google completely removed the old tabs in one of the updates). After the update I can’t use my phone to browse the forums. Pretty much useless update for me. Perhaps, other people might find it good, but for me it is another stick in the wheel.

Unfortunately, my only advice is that you should update to the latest version (if you wish to browse the website from your mobile device). Generally speaking, I’d recommend using the latest version of any web browser. The latest versions of Chrome on mobile has tabs (along the bottom of the screen, and as a separate interface). Alternatively, I’d suggest using a different browser entirely (on its latest version).

Although Chrome probably has some flags (chrome://flags) that let you use something more akin to whatever older feature you were using.

Security updates by themselves are a good reason to upgrade. But also, the feature parity across different browsers—newer browser versions come with newer tech that is likely to be used by websites, and various deprecations of older tech.

At the very least, only LTS versions of software should be used. Or if the software lacks LTS versions, then whatever is within their range of support.


As people I chat with on the regular know, Chrome has been an absolute nightmare for me for the past year or so, and I’ve hit stage 5 and just accepted the new tabs (after they made groups optional) and honestly prefer it now. Same can’t be said for swapping over to Lens from Image Search which I messed around in flags to disable, and that’s been working fine for a few months now. Desktop Chrome also switched over to Lens search but I run Saucenao and that has a little drop-down menu for a bunch of image search options which includes the old google so it’s just an extra half second of my time, nothing too major. But yeah whoever keeps deciding on changing everything they’ve done right every update needs to be fired because I’m pretty sure that breaks their former ‘don’t be evil’ clause lmao.


Thank you for your answer. As far as I know, Chrome does not have an LTS version, but I might be wrong. Also thank you for mentioning flags, but those that support old interface, unfortunately, were removed, which was the reason I switched to the old version of Chrome.

On the note of “security updates” - most of them are not of my concern. I am not a generic user that has the most basic knowledge, neither I am too tech savvy, but my opinion is that the best security to exist is either using common sense on the internet or just straight up never connecting to the internet at all. I could understand that your reply is, in a way, official and every representative of any company would most likely not recommend third party services or deprecated tech, so I can understand that.

Not just Chrome’s interface - the removal of the dislike counter, the forcing of stopping of YouTube Vanced’s development. Google is either completely insane or just wants to please its advertisers.

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The profile pictures are funny

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