Forum Update (vincent2-main) | November 2022

Additions and improvements

  • Added a new theme, containing fixes and improvements for many of the issues with the long-deprecated Vincent theme. To preview it, select “vincent2-main” from the dropdown sidebar menu.
  • New users will be greeted with “new user tips” that help to introduce them into the forum.
  • The forum now remembers your prefered composer height!
  • Redesigned UX for private messages (PMs), across all themes.
  • A warning is shown when attempting to PM a user that hasn’t been online recently.
  • Navigate the emoji picker using keyboard arrows.

vincent2-main Theme

The third-party Vincent theme has been deprecated for a long time now. So long that we’ve had to regularly introduce fixes and workarounds to make it still usable. This touched-up theme has been available as “Vincent II (old)” from the theme selector.

Since then, we’ve given it a proper visit and fixed a lot of the core problems with the theme. Fixes that help ensure it works much more seamlessly with future forum updates, improves readability in a lot of areas, and introduces some new features.

This revision is available as the placeholder name “vincent2-main” from the theme selector. In the future, this version will replace the old theme entirely.

Show summarized changes…
  • Updated project information.
  • Now uses Arial for body text, and Open Sans for headings.
  • Added support for sticky avatars.
  • Added support for Published Pages.
  • Added support for the Groups page.
  • Added support for the private message archetype.
  • Added support for the third-party Discourse Solved plugin, and Unanswered Filter theme component.
  • Added text-shadow to text on colored category labels, to make them easier to read.
  • Added several new configuration settings for other forums using the theme.
  • Added a fixed max width for page wrapper, to fix an issue where page content took up most of the screen.
  • Reduced padding between many elements.
  • Fixed display/positioning bugs related to the navbar, categories list, and badges page.
  • Fixed numerous issues with the Admin dashboard styling.
  • Fixed an issue with text was lighter and blurrier than it should’ve been.
  • Fixed an issue where hyperlinks, strong text, italicized text, and emphasized text would be a smaller font size.
  • Fixed an issue where bolded text wouldn’t actually appear bolded (and similar issues regarding font weight).
  • Fixed an issue causing partially-rounded borders on category badges.
  • Fixed asymmetry when using the “bar” category style.
  • Removed a lot of redundant styling.
  • Removed support for unused plugins (some of which was a redundancy anyways).
  • Minor tweaks to English localization.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue on mobile devices where the app logo would get progressively smaller over time.
  • Fixed an issue regarding some missing logos/icons.
  • Fixed an issue where lightboxes wouldn’t consistently appear.
  • User badges awarded in topics that are not viewable to others will no longer display the topic title. E.g., badges awarded to #community-lounge:regulars-lounge topics will no longer display the topic title to non-TL3 users.
  • Fixed an issue where some default themes wouldn’t automatically update at the same time as the forum software.
  • Fixed an issue regarding incomplete quotes.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes links wouldn’t show their title in the composer draft preview.

Miscellaneous changes

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  • Updated forum software.
  • Updated all third-party plugins, themes, and theme components. These updates include various security, compatibility, and/or localization fixes.
  • Overridden site configurations are marked with a dot.
  • Replaced published page sidebar’s absolute links with relative links.
  • Certain user fields now have a maximum character length. This shouldn’t affect normal users of the site.
  • #modding category description has been revised to explicitly include “community-created maps” as a valid discussion type.
  • Shortened the name and description of the Preferred Pronouns optional user field to be more succinct.
  • The optional Twitter Handle field no longer shows up on user cards. It can still be viewed from a user’s profile.
  • Newly-created topics posted in the #meta sub-categories will now automatically close after a month of inactivity, similar to other categories. Most of the topics in these categories are either official announcements, or are resolved within a few days anyways.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Updated #unturned:u3-support to include a link to the bug report form for console.

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