Forum Updates | August

August 3, 2019

  • Updated the title and content of the pinned Welcome message thread.
  • Added the #teaser tag to both Announcement sub-categories.
  • Updated Discourse to v2.4.0.beta2 +66.
  • Added “Feedback Mega-threads” to the Steam Discussions for Curated maps.
  • Updated various group names and descriptions.
  • Added groups for every curated map team.
  • Anyone who is a part of a curated map team is now automatically granted Trust Level 2, assuming they did not already have it.
  • The “Map Curator” badge is now distributed automatically based on being in a curated map’s corresponding group.

August 22, 2019

  • Added a variety of tags to #meta:forum for both community and staff use.
  • Added an “Unanswered” filter to the category navbar. When browsing topics through the “Unanswered” filter, you will see topics with 0 replies.