Forwarding my memes from steam to here

I usually only post my memes on the Unturned Steam Artwork section. So heres some of the popular ones.

some use old formats cuz they’re old af.

some of these my groupmates made :confused:

just :confused:





Hawaii -

Supply drop, incoming! -





this is a bit excessive for a meme

which one?

all of them

None of these are really that funny. The punchline is usually “ha ha communism good capitalism bad fellas im so epic” (the ones on steam, at least)

Nobody really wants these here. The rest of them are just inside jokes.


Should have stayed on steam.


Actually the punchline is "Nelson is bad at ____ ". It also seems like they think using an unkown dude in an orange hat is funny.

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Yeah, i’m not ashamed to admit i didn’t want to spend time looking at some pretty sub-par memes from someone who deletes comments from their steam artworks if they say “this really isn’t funny”

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sorry if it didn’t make you laugh or fill you with awe. Sure did for people on steam though. Ones like the hawaii meme have around 500 likes.

Out of how many others?

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Most of these are either low effort or inside jokes, none are really funny (except the Hawaii one)

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We have made a “s.t.a.l.k.e.r” deep analysis on your “memes” and have divided to 3 chapters. Take them as a guideline to improve your comedy and not as a blinding rage.

Chapter 1 : Summary of all your memes

Most of the memes you’ve made are again. Inside jokes. About yourself. Low quailty (not as in “meme-low” either. The “the moment when I kills some ducks” meme is just gay) dabbing and practically pale. (Except the hawaii one. Which I don’t know how many of your group members has rated it. But it’s still ok)

(Quick sidenote. Replace the C4 plane with cagelight. Called it the brightest idea or sun 2.0 would make more sense.)

We here in this meme forum also make an inside joke of our own. So sin for both of us for making jokes about ourself. But we haven’t posted our inside jokes to your group. In which, sin for you.

Some of the meme you “have not mention” are as pale as facebook minion memes in which I understand why you didn’t show it. Good riddance.

(Quick sidenote. I like your UT artworks. Better than your memes anyway. I trusted that you didn’t steal them.)

Chapter 2 : My opinions on your memes

As for my personal opinion. I don’t really like how you use an inside joke that’s pack a punch as those FB minion memes. Posted it on… really anywhere.

Afteralls, meme are pretty much an art of communicating on how you and your human friends on feel about a certain event or misfortune. That also make other humans being understand and laughing their arses off.

Chapter 3 : Summary of all the chaps

Up your memes or you’ll stayed as a “Meme subforum’s soft underbelly.” Wait a minute. I have broke the rule of the meme. I shouldn’t be serious here… frick. Also I’m big gay and like dead horse.


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You cant tell what everbody desires, stop that.

Have you read the rest of the replies?

nah if theres something i missed thats crucial to the arguement i apologize

He’s somewhat correct tho.

Some people actually like his memes. In which I’d said “Good for you.”

But he is also incorrect because most of the repiles are “mostly negative” but he said “everyone” in which clearly there’s 3 sides in this arguement.

And that’s not mentioning the reaction off the forums.