France: Update

So, a hard drive died and I thought I lost France and all of its blender source, unity source, bla bla bla.

Well, I found a backup that was up to date of everything, made the day France was migrated to the workshop on an external HDD.

So yeah all I did was fly around the map fixing every floating/missing object problem I could and fixed some other silly issues. Like Rubicon sights spawning instead of magazines.

This update is like 9 months overdue, but you know. It is what it is.


lord nelson feels generous today


Category pin until next week. :partying_face:

No, he does not. It is not the day of the Devlog today unless you are celebrating in advance.


so your hard drive pulled a white flag


That joke was such a stretch it replaced stretch Armstrong.



well i did take joke-enhancing drugs so maybe that did it


If it wasn’t clear, it wasn’t funny nor original for me.

Just annoying.

“Hey look I put hours of effort into this!” gets a response of “hurr durr white flag” every. single. time.


i put minutes of hard thinking into that joke

id say it works but not original
i bet someone else would’ve come along and made that same joke at some point

Which further explains why it’s so incredibly annoying.

Very kind of you to update the map after such a long time! :slight_smile:


Hmm, I’m not sure who to be supporting here. On the one hand, Pesky seems to have made the joke somewhat ironically, with a sarcastic undertone as if making fun of “white flag” jokes, therefore making the joke funnier and mocking the overuse of the unoriginal joke.

But on the other hand, jokes like these do seem to be a bit disrespectful, and to an untrained eye may seem unironic, thus being unfunny and unoriginal, undermining the effort you put into the update for (what seems to be) an overused and no longer funny joke that would most likely fly over the heads of the majority of people reading the thread.

@pest I’m going to let you off with a warning. Be more careful when posting potentially unfunny jokes in future

what happens after three

you go to the ranch

So, I messed up a bit and Rubicon Iron Sights were still spawning so I fixed that.

I also made it so you can actually obtain the two “hidden” musket variants as the way they were going to be originally be implemented isn’t going to happen any time soon.