Free-Aim mode a la Insurgency

If you’ve ever played Insurgency before or have used the free-aim mode from the popular Garry’s Mod addon Customizable Weaponry 2, you’ll know it’s a slightly impractical way of making games feel more realistic in that makes the player aim within their FOV until they hit the border, causing the camera to move.

My idea is that there should be a toggle/hold button to allow players to go into a locked free-aim mode. In short, this would allow for the camera to lock in place, but allow the shooter to move from one target to the next with ease and not move the camera and still allow for movement so one can dodge and such. There should also be just a straight up setting to turn on free-aim mode.

I’d like to hear your suggestions on how to better this if our one true god, Nelson, decides to add this feature.


So a locked camera but unlocked arms/in-hands?

I believe that’s what he’s getting at. It sounds like an interesting concept at least, although personally I’d rather see freelook before free arm movement

It sounds neat, but it’s highly situational, if at all an efficiency booster.

You want…an aiming deadzone? Ehhh, I dunno, in Insurgency it still moves the camera when the gun moves and half the time where you’re pointing isn’t all that accurate.

I guess I’d be fine if it was just for stockless weapons. It’d be an interesting way to simulate having nothing to rest your shoulder against. Hell, for pistols one-handed firearms there could even be an aiming deadzone while aiming down the sight.

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I’d love to see this too. While minor, I find it annoying that I can’t just hold down alt to look around as in ArmA.

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