Free Roaming Zombies in U3.0 idea!

What‘s up guys.

We all know that singleplayer or pve with friends (pve in general) is very fun to play in Unturned. One big problem of many players though is the fact that singleplayer/pve is way too easy for even just slightly experienced players, even on hard mode or with a way harder game config than hard mode. This makes the game boring in a late stage.

A big factor of that is the fact that zombies‘ movement is limited to the edge of their spawn locations.

MANY players wish that zombies could move around freely (also called „roaming zombies“) to also be able to be attracted by players outside of the usual zombie spawn locations, so that the game finally gets harder and thus not being that boring anymore on singleplayer/pve.

Players could finally have that fear of possibly running into a zombie ANYWHERE.

Sentries (on singleplayer) would finally have a reason to exist in the game (right now on singleplayer/pve sentries are useless, unless someone builds his base inside of a zombie spawn location).

So the problem with „roaming zombies“ is that this function is planned for Unturned 2 (Unturned 4.0) and Nelson stated that due to personal problems he has temporarily stopped working on Unturned 2 (Unturned 4.0) and instead keeps on with working on updates for the current Unturned (Unturned 3.0). I‘m completely fine with that, but I think that singleplayer/pve urgently has to be featuring roaming zombies very soon! Many players play the game just for singleplayer/pve and stopped playing it, because it‘s not challenging enough. I have such a desire for Unturned singleplayer! It calms my soul and soothes everything when I‘m just able to play in my singleplayer world and build some big base up (but with what use? To not be attacked or threatened by zombies, because they are sticked to their spawn locations?). For real now, singleplayer, for me, is much more fun than multiplayer. I just need that tiny little factor (roaming zombies) that would finally make me stay in that singleplayer world and keep playing it, instead of quitting it after 4 days of playing and pausing to play Unturned until coming back after a few weeks to again start a new singleplayer world.

Now, my point is that I have an idea on how to add roaming zombies to Unturned without that much effort for a developer and without having to wait for the release of Unturned 2. It can be added as a GAMEPLAY CONFIG SETTING. Please listem very closely to my idea, it‘s taken me a while to find a well thought-through explanation for my „roaming zombies prototype“ idea.

(I‘m not a developer myself, but the factors that play into that „roaming zombies“ script/code of my idea, are as I think, not that hard to understand and to put into action/a code for an actual developer).

—>—>—>So to create kind of a small roaming zombies „prototype“ (which would already create that longly awaited challenge for singleplayer/pve) I would add 4 directions (North/East/South/West) or 8 (N/NE/SE/S/S/W/W/NW) that zombies could walk into (IF NOT CURRENTLY ATTRACTED BY A PLAYER).

-The direction they walk into changes every 20 seconds (or with a variable timer randomly chosen between 1-20 seconds after every direction change). This would finally make the zombies ROAM THE MAP.

Nothing else would have to be added.

-They could have an adjusted walking-speed when not attracted to something/chasing a player (something like a „roam speed which could be half of their player-chasing-speed)

-They keep their normal terrain climbing code (so they can walk up a hill or not, in case it‘s too steep)

-They still shouldn’t be able to jump

-Their detection radius on players (vision, noises, etc.) stays the same, so that if they run into a player or sound that could attract them, they run for it. Let‘s say they can even get attracted by generator sounds inside of a base, while a player is not there, They would run for it and attack/destroy every wall that is in their way. Now sentries would finally be useful for that!! Or let‘s say a player is in his base and fires a shot from his gun by accident. Boom! Zombies attracted. Have you ever wondered what you should be using „safety mode“ on firearms for (instead for not wasting ammo by accident)? Well, me too. Right now safety mode“ on firearms is almost completely useless. To not attract roaming zombies by accident I would then consciously be using the safety mode on firearms.

-One problem that I don‘t have a solution for is that if a zombies spawn in its spawn location and starts roaming the map and gets lost somewhere where no player is walking around to possibly kill it, it would block the spawn of future zombies (because as far as I know there is a max. zombie spawn-limit in every location) and this leads to very soon no more zombies spawning. (An idea for that might be imply that if a zombie doesn‘t get attracted to something for e.g. 10 Minutes after spawning and roaming around the map! It despawns and makes space for future spawning zombies.

-There would possibly be different types of zombies walking in places that they didnt spawn in (for example a farm zombie in a military location, or a military zombie somewhere in the forest or in a civilian area (isn‘t that much cooler?)

I know it would look weird if zombies randomly walked around in straight directions thatbare changing every 20 seconds like the DVD-Logo from that screensaver or like mincraft village npcs), but at least it would create ROAMING ZOMBIES.

(I personally wouldn‘t care if their roaming movement looks weird and unnatural, because it still creates roaming zombies and I would accept weird zombie movement because they would therefore finally be able to threaten me, even outside of spawning locations, thus getting me to stay on my singleplayer world.

Now to next part. If a player doesn‘t like roaming zombies or the weird way they would then be moving in (cause it‘s a simple prototype script/code) it doesn‘t have to stop Nelson from starting to creating it! Because he can simply create that roaming zombie script/code and imply it into the game as a GAMEPLAY CONFIG OPTION. Players would then be able to choose if they would like to have roaming zombies activated or not.

In case some of you don‘t know what the gameplay config is —> it‘s the table that opens, when you want to detailledly change unturned world/gameplay settings for example on singleplayer, where you can change the loot spawn chance, damage multipliers and more. You can even choose whether zombies should be immune to being stunned or not (I will try to add a picture to show you better, what the gameplay config looks like).

Now then, there would be a box in the gameplay config (just like for the gameplay config setting „zombies can stun or not“) that the player could tick on, to activate roaming zombies or leave out to make them act like they would usually do without the roaming zombies feature activated.

That‘s basically it, concerning my idea for a „roaming zombies prototype“ which I think has to be added SOON! (Not my script idea without exceptions, but roaming zombies in general. This was just an idea and a statement that roaming zombies DOESN‘T HAVE TO BE OR LOOK PERFECT (BUT PLEASE JUST MAKE THEM ROAM FOR NOW)

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

-tell me about your feeling/desire for having roaming zombies

-tell me about your thoughts on that simple script/code idea (maybe it‘s a bad one but it would make the game 1000 times better for me if zombies are made roaming the map)

-tell me about possible problems that you can think of that could occur and would have to be taken care of, if that roaming zombies prototype script/code is implemented into the game (for example like the zombie spawn-limit problem that I talked about in my post) and add your idea of solution to it!

Thank you so much for your attention! Let‘s make singleplayer/pve fun again!

Greets from Germany. Nelson I love your game!


now CURRENTLY something similar is possible by making an aggressive animal that looks like a zombie

It would be a fun feature to add officially though and having a disable I think is the best course of action as well.

Id like to add to your suggestion, make the wandering zombies act similar to aggressive animals when outside of towns , and when in towns they take on normal zombie pathfinding, this would work the most with current systems… I imagine?. as well animals could be given this as well so they don’t get stuck inside of houses and run into walls as much.

Now I personally do not like the idea of wandering wandering zombies being able to break structures though as it would make raiding to easy, either have it disabled or disabled by default and can be turned on


Wow, now that is a very good idea for a way to imply roaming zombies into the current system.

Just making them spawn outside of towns, have the pathwalking of an animal and as soon as they get attracted by a player, they chase after him.

Thank you so much for that good idea of yours!

Of course zombie damage to structures can be turned off, if someone wishes. That should be the smallest problem to worry about. I think it‘s even already a gameplay config setting.

The specific issue with wandering zombies damaging structures is that zombie raiding is free, where gathering explosives or raid ammo takes a lot of time, it would defeat the purpose of getting some demolition charges when you can just find any wandering zombie.

this is 100% fine done in towns as you don’t want players blocking off all the item spawns UNLESS they are contesting it themselves actively and personally.

It might actually be better to have the wandering zombies spawn in town, so trap structures can be dismantled by regular zombies and wandering zombies should have a respawn timer built in so that 1 player cant just gather them all up in a box and then the zombies are trapped forever.

I remember there was an old update that implemented zombies that would move around in a little area. However I believe this had a few issues related to it and was removed shortly after. One thing you have to consider is that if zombies could freely roam, you could pull a whole herd of zombies from a town and run to the water and then de-agro and no one will see or interact with those zombies. It also makes stealthing past zombies annoying if they constantly move around on the spot. If implemented correctly this would be ideal however I think there’s too many limitations at the moment

This idea would deffo fit in Unturned II. Would be great if Nelson saw this himself

It was planned for unturned 2, but unturend 2 is delayed until nelson feels like working on it again and in the meantime he is working on the current unturned more

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as you mentioned later, wandering zombies and regular zombies–“Townies”–could be separate things. Townies could damange structures inside the location’s navmesh, while wanderers could not damage structures outside the navmesh. This way zombie raiding keeps it’s intended purpose, while not being abused outside of it/

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