Free Roaming Zombies

Zombies should be able to roam outside of towns instead of having barriers, its normally pretty easy to escape them since they can’t go much farther than the towns.

already planned for 4.0


sweet thanks for letting me know!

It would be nice if they would roam in the city too. sometimes even form a horde?
Also to stop escaping the town what nelson did in 3.0 was adding runners but that didn’t work .

I think that was more to add an extra challenge to the fighting zombies mechanic, just like spitters had been added to avoid campers and flamers to avoid melee fighters. If limited walkable areas for zombies gets removed, I wish that special zombies won’t return in the new game.

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It is probably better without the curent special zombies which seem to be made in a hurry if you ask me

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