"Freeform" Cooking

No more preset recipes.
Just take every ingredient you can find and fry/bake/boil it together and slap it between 2 buns if you want.
It can be multistep cooking.
You can use raw potatos in YOUR OWN recipe or use already cooked (fried/baked/boiled) potatos or whatever.
HELL. YOU CAN BOIL YOUR FRIED EGGS. But all you will probably get is a barely edible substance.
good example: project zomboid cooking.

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erm wut… this makes no sense to me xd

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I think he basically means a more complex cooking system, where it actually requires you to collect different ingredients to make all kinds of different food using various methods.

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Just do what the More Farming Mod does.
And does this mean you can make pancake pizza beef sandwhiches? Disgusting.

Combining consumables that doesn’t create anything of actual imagination will create either;

  • Foodstuff (Combine food/drink where total food content of combined consumables is higher than water)
  • Slop (Combine food/drink where total water content of combined consumables is higher than food)

Foodstuff grants 10-30 food, 2-5 water and lowers immunity by 0-10. Vice versa for Slop with the water/food and includes immunity loss

(Or, srsly, you fail to create anything and food/drink will be wasted. Good job idiot!)


While this could be interesting, I’m going to have to say no- even if it’s a cooking suggestion.
I’m going to say that the way its handled now is just fine, everything is organized and you know what youre getting yourself into.


With the current system, I wish there more encouragement to cook things rather than eat them straight up.


There will be more incentive, given Nelson aims to make the game far more hardcore, immersive, and realistic.

I’d expect things like portioning, saturation, and perhaps even advanced health/nutritional values in Unturned 4.0.

I get what your saying but theres very little reason to do this and the amount of combinations you could do is not worth it it’d go up to the 1000’s and for what? food does not need to be improved this way theres no reason for it and it would put stupid amount of work on nelson

The water is R A W

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Not really. If programmed with algorithms, like most other games would tackle it, freeform cooking shouldn’t be that much of a hassle. If anything it’d probably make future additions much easier.

Deep frying a turkey, then dipping it in chocolate.


Your burger is so raw:

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