Freeform glasses duplication bug

So I found out this bug when I was reinforcing a stomper in single player with one way free form glasses. The bug consists in the duplication of all kind of free form glasses in some simple steps which are enlisted here.

Step 1. Craft or spawn a weak glass plate.
Step 2. Place the weak glass plate anywhere
Step 3. Punch the weak glass plate, damaging the structure.
Step 4. Remove the damaged plate
Step 5. Repeat.

If you do this steps correctly, you should get a weak glass window after removing the damaged weak glass plate, which can be crafted into two weak glass plates.

I’d have liked to upload some images, but it says that new users can only post 1 image.
Here’s a video of the bug:

P.D. If possible, I would really appreciate to receive a debuggers’s beret, I’ve always wanted to have an opportunity like this one to get it.:silent_judgement:

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debuggers bTW

I don’t understand what you meant

Nah it twas a joke, Can you show video of the bug happening?

I can upload a video to youtube

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