Freezing to death QOL suggestions

Currently how cold is handled in Yukon is kind of janky, it would be nice if maps that supported freezing had a temperature bar or something so it could be more easily read what state the character is in.

also buff the heat stim significantly. its actually worthless. make it 1 slot and last way longer as well as let you cook while its active as its like the worst item in the game by a significant margin even on maps its intended for and this buff would make it barely useable though still niche.


Heatstim cook? No. But making it 1-slot would boost its value. Still, freezing in Unturned is stupid. You only have four conditions - in building; warming up; cooling down; freezing. You don’t get anything inbetween. Basically reset the status by spending 0.001 second by the campfire and you can roam the frozen wastelands for 5 minutes again.

With that said, Yukon still is the best map.


pretty sure in real life they can be used for cooking, though maybe im confusing it with a different similar thing

it definitely for sure needs to last longer though, I think that’s the most important change it could get

Yukon is my favorite map and whenever I saw a heat stim id just leave it no matter what point of progression I was at, it was never ever worth it to pick up


Yeah, heatstim is borderline useless even when you just spawned in. You don’t have enough movement skills to run away/you are looting the houses so it is not a problem.
When you already have some loot it’s probably easier to place a campfire.
And by the time you are mostly set, there is plenty of campfires spread around the map. At that point only reason to max Warmblooded is so that I can think less about eating.

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