Friend made a map


Took me a good minute before realizing why this is bad map design :thinking:


Do you not realize how flat it looks.



Well yeah, theres that, but…

Do you want to keep the prisoners in, or out of the jail? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I honestly did not notice the fence until you mentioned it. My phone res with pictures is kinda of bad


at least he didn’t do this with the flags


god bless you for finally noticing how many maps do this


I just died laughing because it’s such a minuscule small detail that I completely overlooked for the whole hour I spent near the prison area.


I thought you were talking about that fence angle that clips. At the end, prisoners could still easly escape by doing some limbo dance under the black & yellow bar so why bother with fences :thinking:



If you try proning to crawl pass under that thingy. It didn’t work.

At least in unturned. But you can still vaulting with a pole though.

Long story short. That thing is for blocking heist vehicles. Not prisoners so why bother? They can suicide and re-fricking-spawn.


What if all the respawn points are inside the prison?

Did you think of that?

4d chess man


Moral of the story: workshop maps at the moment are almost all shit.

where did all the good mapmakers go


I was a good map maker, Untill I broke my back on a project that A: was too ambitious, and B: also broke the games back.


They moved on to curated projects. Well… for the most part.


If I had any sort of video editing ability i’d take that one scene from the Incredibles where stronk fella finds the computer and it does the “terminated” thing but instead it’s unturned updates and old mapmakers




You do realize there’s a like button already, right?


The “good” mapmakers are either work togather and then released their “curated” project. Or that they work alone and released it for like 3-never years later.


Funnily enough that’s true in me, not sure about the good part though