Friendly reminder the HMG can still raid even tho it uses lowcal

i was playing france and chainraided like 5 bases off their mili lowcal and an attack heli. HMG is dumb. it also raids more efficiently than the Dragonfang (13 bullets for a pine wall vs. 15 w/ Dragonfang)

Also i raided a guy who really likes the ace apparently so yeah

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DP-28 moment (idk, I just don’t want this forum to die)

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This isn’t just France. This applies to Russia too. You get an Attack Heli and a base that can defend it - you’re now permamently lowered your difficulty to easy mode. You can endlessly farm rebel base for low cal military too (100 loot nodes = 36 low cal boxes). It would make a lot more sense for it to take high cal ranger IMHO.

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