Friendly sentries need to be buffed

Hello this its just a short post for an buff to friendly sentries since theyre really limited and literally never used for its activation cooldown my idea would be that it could react at least slightly faster than hostile sentries since the quickdraw in a nowadays friendly sentry its really bad if somebody sees this i wouldve enjoy that you do a better post talking about this since tbh im not good enough to do this type of stuff

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Theoretically since it is machines it is more logical for friendly sentries to take time as it would need to scan more about what happens unlike the hostile sentries

but this is a game, so perhaps something in Config.json, or even cooler, set it directly, could be fun, but there probably is mods for this already, so

I have never even crafted one in 8000 hours playtime, good to know I didn’t miss out on anything


Well… if you don’t mind an idea for your channel content… you could now make a new series of videos in which you play base defense by calling on an entire server to come at you and see if they can get you. You must be online and this could only happen once you are satisfactory done with building up.

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Fr what’s even the point for it

Just use neutral sentries put your hands up simple

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