Friends Cant Join My Server "Lost connection to host or Steam network"

Hi Everyone,
I’m new to running an Unturned server, but when my friends try to join my unturned server, it gives them the “Lost connection to host or Steam network” error. They say they can get to the landing page, but when they try to connect, it fails. I’m 99% sure I got the ports forwarded correctly. My server is also runs on Linux instead of Windows if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any possible help,

Exactly the same issue here. Ports 27015 - 27016 TCP/UDP forwarded, can see landing page but after a few seconds of loading I get the same error message as @CaptainDiabeto.

Should be game port plus two ports above. No idea what the issue is in either case though.

This. Your portforwarding has nothing to do with Steam networking being wonky far as I can tell.

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