Froggo is now regular 👏 (signed by CrazyCat)(signed by Steve)(signed by skydragon)(signed by NeedlessMemeing)(Signed by AJ the disgraceful)(signed by Spebby) (signed by eafxd)(Signed by TentotheC)(signed by Real)


what is even the requirements to get Regular, I was regular but for some reason I lost it and i dont know why


you need to be active enough
but now you got oofed

I stole it from here c:


Does it mean that one of the forum Community Staff have to promote you or will you get it automatically when you reach the requirements? :thinking:


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i think when the cycle ends and you qualify for regular, you get the badge.
this might be why aj struggled to get regular for a while

i am probably missing the point but ok just assuming xd

and btw @Froggo welcome to hell

Welcome to hell.

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eu também,You can turn the destination on and off but I can not remember how

i lost my regular status for a week and then got it back

I struggled to get it back, then the requirements changed for what needed to be done to be regular

Original question was already answered, so here’s just some random info.

Haven’t mentioned it before, but once you obtain Regular we have it set up so that you can’t lose it for (iirc) at least two weeks.


wasn’t it like 3 months before? cuz i remember still having regular even though i fell silent for a long time. I did end up losing it though.

Pulled up the setting and default is 14 days, which is what it’s set at right now.

You probably kept it due to how the “during time span” (not all-time) requirements work.

Right now your progress is tracked through a 120 day time span, so if you were to hit way above the requirements, you have quite some leeway (potentially 119 days of it, if the site only required you to login once in that time span).

Right now, you’d only need to visit 80 days though, but that’s still 40 days of leeway (if you already recently pushed over the requirements).


sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me, but yeah that bit of login in sounds about right. I wasn’t posting, just visiting.

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