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it literally links to nothing


It’s as large as their most annoying advertisements

In fact, AdBlock-esque extensions count it as an advert.



As a retired Rust Wikia admin this hurts me on a spiritual level


As a not Wikia user I don’t get it

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I’m an admin on a wiki for an old flash game, and when I tried leaving a small link to the new version of it (we moved platforms since Fandom is a fucking joke of a site) I was instantly banned, despite being the only active admin.

I asked for the wiki to be deleted multiple times as it served no point and was actively misleading users, and yet fandom pulled some lazy excuse out of their ass.

Between really bad fandom staff, annoying advertisements, and a huge amount of restrictions as to what you can actually do regarding pages, I really don’t see why fandom is still relevant. There are plenty of better wiki sites out there.

we should get a new Wikia. Like a more organized site.

Is the Wikia going to be shut down and everything transferred to the good wiki? If so, that’d be so good.

we’re gradually putting in legacy content (1.0-3.0 content) in the new wiki

FANDOM wikis cannot be shutdown.

EDIT: To clarify, FANDOM wikis of general public interest typically never get closed, even if the community moves, as courtesy. If administrators are not active on a wiki, then people can apply to become one through FANDOM’s adoption policy.

It also makes more sense competitively for FANDOM.

Could you at least make all the pages just a pic of Nelson captioned ‘this wiki bad’?

In all seriousness, I really do like the newer wiki, you did a good job.

They actually can, but apparently in only extremely specific situations, which is super frustrating. Definitely expect to see users continue using the old bunker wiki, and any attempts to redirect them to the newer wiki be shut down by fandom staff.

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