Find apples, grapes, pears and so on. in the markets, use seeds to plant seedlings that, when large enough can be planted in the soil, after a few seasons the tree will produce lots of fruit and then we will have to wait until next year (in the game) to bear fruit again.

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I personally finds finding fresh fruits and veggies in a middle of an abandon market unrealistic. Seeds however, are ok.
Yes, 3.0 does that. Yes, people don’t complain about that. No, it’s shouldn’t be that way. (the fresh part.)

Also, years? I kinda get it that you’re asking for a plantable tree, but why would that be a feature if there’s a magical elf restocking food everyday, small veggies that’s usually planted and fully grown in at most 3-4 days (in 3.0) We know that Unturned “used” the same DD/MM/YYYY that of real world. (You do the math on the 20 minutes day, still about 7,200 minutes with that logic.) So I’d say no.

No need for seedlings growth separation from the main soil tbh. (Since pests aren’t a problem here.)

And how would that make up with the amount of time and “efforts” used with these?
(Are they like, once full grown, gives you a “heckaton” of that fruits until your house are flooded? Or is there a limit?)

as for years I was referring to the seasons, if planted in the spring will bear fruit in the fall and so on.

Would be nice if you could tell me how long a season last in-game.

I can not say exactly and I have no guesses.

In 3.X, there are notes that use that system, but the length of actual days and months in game was not reflective of that system, so the lengths of seasons and years wouldn’t need to be either. Regardless of what 3.X lore or actual mechanics showed, 4.X will not be restricted by either.

Looks like a pretty unstructured idea. I can tell because you talk about adding fruits in the topic description but you’re now suggesting seasons in the comments.

Well, do not we have the confirmation of seasons already? As we saw in devlogs and trello.

Seasons are definitely an idea that Nelson has toyed around with, but I don’t believe it’s confirmed that they’ll make it into the final game.

But the probability is very large since in a devlog he showed a rock that over time was completely covered with snow.
Although Nelson is someone in a good mood do not think he plays with devlogs that are something serious.

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